What happened to Gamemode Ideas?


A few forums were locked and hidden this week, and that was likely one of them.

That, Roleplay Releases, and the GCC. :frown:


Gamemode Coding Contest.

The Roleplaying subforum also disappeared with the others.

We don’t need Roleplay.

I’m already missing it all… Why! Why did they take it away :C

At very least, the Roleplay subforum kept its threads out of the main gmod forum where people complained about them.

Pretty much. It also gave people a place to bitch about every Dark RP, PERP,and HL2RP server under the steam clouds.

Actually, several GModders actually enjoy roleplay, me being one of them.
And with that I don’t just mean DarkDM, I mean real roleplay, the fun kind that barely exists in GMod anymore…
There was no real reason to remove the roleplay section, in my opinion.

Holy Crap it has been deleted…? I haven’t been on GMod nor in the GMod section in months. Stuff has changed around here :saddowns:

obviously garry thinks that people don’t use his game for roleplay…

Well, Garry has always seemed like he’s not very fond of RP, maybe he just thought that the sections were unnecessary?

I’m one of them too.

I was roleplaying a Radio DJ on Paradox, and I was sorta just chilling back, and some people tried to picklock my station’s door to steal my radio equipment… Well let us just say they ended up with a shotgun barrel down their throats.