What happened to Giablo?

I was just starting to enjoy it and now the server is gone :o

And why the f is search disabled? Oo

Edit: and what f set my avatar to that gaylord -.- ?!

I like your avatar tho.

I don’t know what happened to Giablo. You should check on the thread. I believe it’s on page 2 or 3.

http://www.facepunch.com/showthread.php?983957-Giablo-Made-possible-thanks-to-math.random() --> The Giablo thread.

Jakegadget hasn’t had much time at all to work on anything, ever since school started for him.

Giablo and our uber-top-secret project together is temporarily on hold until he/we are able to get enough time to actually manage to do something. Myself, I haven’t touched Primal 2050 since the last update in the thread, and I’ve been able to meek out only an hour or two at a time on little side-projects (like my remake of Rambo_6’s ReDead gamemode) since school started for me.

Since I seem to have more micropockets of posting time (like right now) than Jakegadget does, if any progress is made on Giablo, and I hear of it, I’d probably be the one informing you guys (with his permission, of course). And rest assured, if I do get anything to report (and permission to report), I won’t hesitate to.

I, like many of you guys, wait eagerly for Giablo. :buddy:

@maw, yeah I changed my Ava right after editing :stuck_out_tongue: before that it was some gaylords face, maybe that bieber all are making fun of now, IF than I know NOW why they do it XD

@gmod4ever cool, I was just afraid it died already, good to hear it’s only on hold. Hope I still have my epic poison AR when the server’s back :smiley: over 100dmg for lv 12 i think ^^

lolz i think im like the hugest lvl there im lvl18 if i can remember right and i hit like eh 200-300 ? so it were getting realy boring with no new maps and shit :<

I was level 13 >:(

Haha :smiley: im realy waiting those armors and the new map tough so its more funn with my friend ^^

Thats the new default avatar.

Before it was a dog’s ass with cool shades on it.

I was level 21.
I was awesome.
I did 500 damage.
Sorry about the hold, I got bored of mapping for it, and Jake got REALLY busy.