What happened to Gm_Science?

Does anyone know the map, “Gm_Science”? I can’t find it on garrysmod.org. Does any one have this map? If so, could you send it to me or re-upload it please?

Could you give us a little more detail on how the map looks?

It was an underground laboratory. At the entrance, there were train tracks leading down a tunnel. But you spawn in a high ceilinged solid steel room. There’s a partitioned bed room and a bathroom in that room. There was a punching bag, a basket ball hoop, and a panel had been torn off the wall, exposing some wires and thick cords. There was a hidden observation room that looked out over this room and the room could only be entered by opening a door in the wall that was hidden to the occupant. There was a small cafeteria, showers, and a lab that had a kill chamber. There was a head crab in a box that had a label. Apparently, this head crab had sex with humans. Does this sound familiar to anyone?

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There was also a flooded generator room that could be accessed through the train platform.

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The walls were gray concrete.

Thank you!