What happened to GMod, and why doesn't anyone do anything about fixing it?

I came back to GMod last year after a several-year-long hiatus, having mostly played DarkRP before I quit.

What the fuck happened to this game? Why is every RP server a cancerous lesion oozing with shitty scriptfodder content and staffed entirely by 12 year olds with daddy’s credit card? The only rule they seem to enforce is the prohibition of any type of fun on the server. There’s maybe one or two servers that I’ve found that are worth spending any time on.

And garrysmod.org is dead? How did that happen? And what the fuck is this awesomium shit about?

Most of all, why does the general consensus here seem to be that GMod is a shell of its former self, yet all anyone does is sit in a circlejerk of butthurt nostalgia instead of doing something to change it? (excuse me if I’m wrong there, but that’s just the idea I’ve gotten)

It feels like this game is dying, and it would really fucking suck to see that happen after all these years.

youtube e-celebs happened

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also someone at facepunch accidentally deleted garrysmod.org, but there’s garrysmods.org as an alternative nowadays. it’s got a load of the stuff from the old place, but most pre-2013 things that require lua are broken. maps and models work fine, naturally.

gmod is selling more copies then ever and more people are playing then ever


Well that’s good to hear, but how many of those new players are cancerous 12 year olds?
EDIT: or is the increase in sales exactly why it’s turning to shit?


How the actual fuck?

What exactly is your idea for fixing the problems?

What are you looking for in a server?

You do know there’s more to GMod than DarkRP, right?

Well I’m working on setting up two DarkRP servers now, for a start. One will be a current version of DarkRP, with no scriptfodder shit, no cars, no vapes, no MLP/FNAF, no downtown_v4c. For the other I’m porting DarkRP 2.3.7 to gm13. No bullshit admin rooftop sits where people lie about why they RDMed, they’ll just get banned if they’re being massive cunts. None of the other anti-fun rules either. If someone wants to RP as a serial killer they can do it, as long as it doesn’t turn into mass DM.

As for actually fixing the problems, I dunno what can be done besides displacing the shit servers and content with better ones.

Yeah, that just happens to be one of the things I do most in GMod, so it’s what I’m aware of and can bitch about here. The title probably could’ve been “what happened to darkrp”

Maybe I’m just being an idiot

TBH darkrp has been slowly getting more cancerous by the day. The problem is the fact that these servers get players that actually enjoy doing these things. I join RP servers, and get to enjoy no RP.

The server browser only seems to encourage more of the same thing, and it is definitely now a trope that has long since jumped the shark. Alas, there is nothing that can be done.

It all started turning to shit when coderhire became a script marketplace. Before that it was a site designed to make it easier for a server owner to hire a developer for their server. But now that we literally have a service where people can buy a pre-made script designed to work in almost any scenario… its all too enticing to create the same server 100 times over, and its all too enticing to create addons to do just this as money exchanges hands for this very purpose.

If you ask me, the way to start chipping at this problem is to shut down script marketplaces such as Scriptfodder. Force developers into either offering their scripts via their own websites and portfolios, leaving these other sites to actually act as a classifieds for jobs for developers, or they can alternatively release their content for free on the workshop. What this would mean:

  • Less incentive to create copy-paste addons that are seen in literally every server
  • Less of an ease of access for these addons, meaning server owners are more inclined to avoid it all together because “its too hard”.
  • More incentive to request unique content rather than copy-paste content.

In time, the overall server count would diminish.

As for the problem of autistic players becoming admin, well nothing will stop that. Unfortunately GMOD server hosting is cheap and only getting cheaper, and accessibility couldn’t be higher.

Some addon on sf is pretty good tho, but not the price, they turned sf into a money sucker where you pay enough money to buy gta v just to get some hud and printer, dayz gamemode is even 40$, why not spend that on actually dayz, or go for arma 3, I hate it and ik many people hate it too, Gmod population has rose from the day when people have to use map button to spawn prop, but look like it’s too late, Gmod has gone older and crap since the update 13, dev go away, player gone too, gmod tower shut down, now replace with 15$, all the good old days, all of them vanish, gmod now is filled with kids and they form the shape of darkrp aswell, darkrp doesn’t ment to be that strict, the game isn’t too cancer, but the playerbase is
Sorry for my crappy engrisk and you might don’t know what I’m sayin cuz I just randomly type what is in my head, go ahead and rate me dumb lol

Actually I understood most of it. I spent a good 6 months doing development for someone who could only speak in broken english, so I’ve gotten pretty good at it.

Fixed to the best of my ability, I couldn’t take it. Please don’t take this the wrong

According to the ratings, some people don’t like this

Oh yeah, the ranking system on there does nothing but increase the gap between small servers and popular ones.

So how is that supposed to happen?

It’s not. The conflict of interest between the developers that make their living off of selling scripts and the communities that thrive off of those scripts will simply maintain the status quo. Much like vitamin supplements. Those that sell them don’t want to lose their profits, and those that take them are so wrapped up in the placebo that it’s good for them that they don’t realize that in large enough doses, it can kill them.

Holy shit, scriptfodder addons are a lot like vitamin supplements.

yes hi hello i have a vitamin A deficiency problem that makes my eyes extremely sensitive to light if I don’t take a multivitamin every day

come back and talk to me about placebo when you’ve had to walk outside in the middle of the night with sunglasses on because traffic lights burn your retinas, yeah?

ok redfiend’s post was stupid but this just made me laugh haha

Tks for that, gonna remember them next time

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I wish there is a community or a server for the good players to play there, like SantosRP, at least they don’t have kids running around shooting people down

Does anyone else raise their eyebrow at the amount of people on this forum who constantly shit on the Gmod player base but then get mad when the average user isn’t playing on their server

They need money that all, if they don’t need money sure they will hate kids in their server (I don’t mean this for everyone, just most, maybe)
If I had a server, I would add a whitelist system

And you would have no players, wew.

Depend, I live in a country where there aren’t many gmod players, and they would be willing to have a offical server on, that just me, lol