What happened to Gmod.eu?

So recently I discovered about Garry’s Mod game server hosting website www.gmod.eu and I was very pleased with what they said they provided and wanted to buy a server to test if it was really good and if it was I would keep paying. Still, I can’t use paypal right now so I submitted a support ticket asking them to pay by phone because they said in certain circumstances they would accept it. The next day I went to their website and it suddenly is shut down. It is now down for 2 days. I went to their website because I also saw on Garry’s title “I <3 Gmod.eu” so I thought it would be good for Garry himself to kind of be advertising it. So is it off just for me or can someone access it?


TL;DR: www.gmod.eu is down, any one know why or any one can access it?

Took them long enough

What do you mean? They shut down permanently?

Garry isn’t advertising it.
Bad-Hosting bought the title for him

GMod.eu is absolute shit and should be avoided. They paid to change Garry’s title.

This is exactly why this sort of thing shouldn’t be allowed on other users titles. It’s misleading advertising and could end up getting Garry into trouble.

Oh God… Thanks for the information all.

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By the way, are www.serverffs.com good?

I’ve heard bad things about serverffs. I’d go with Xenon or Brohoster.

I will probably go with Brohoster seeing as they host in Europe. Which is where I live so Xenon is not a clever choice for me.

Garry disagrees sadly.

Ideal-Hosting is a worst server provider, out there. I don’t care what there server stats are. The reputation he brings puts a bad name to Gmod.eu/ideal hosting. Plus he si known from time to time is know to treat clients like shit.

Computer22’s an idiot. Last time he was getting attacked, he was calling Roflwaffle threatening him with his “lawyers” while roflwaffle didn’t even know what was going on.
He also likes making retarded DMCA reports eventhough he doesn’t like following the rules himself.

Yep, sounds like an idiot to me.

He claimed an undated and unagreed ToS was valid before, I laughed in his face.

Well he’s not a good “business man” if he’s capable of getting a reputation this bad.

Rofl, he sent me a DMCA for hosting blueprint2.