What happened to Gmod Parkour?

I have recently started playing Garrysmod again and I noticed that all the Gmod Parkour servers are gone, and that the gpk game mode i downloaded off of garrysmod.org doesn’t work. What happened? Also if anyone has a working version of the game mode for single player I’d appreciate a link or email with the files.


I think it died…

I miss it :v:

I was never any good at it. :3: There are some servers keeping it alive, but it pretty much died.

Unfortunately, since it was an awesome concept.

Damn, that was my favorite game mode.

Theres still one server that I know of. They are calling the gamemode “Mirrors Edge” based off of the movie. Its pretty much a giant obstacle course with the parkour scripts as a base.

I could put a server up with it if someone would link me the gamemode.

it changed from parkour to some ninja shit after people learn how to jump up a wall which is bs

It got old quickly. I’m sad that there aren’t any Medieval servers anymore.

I found a working svn for gmod parkour. If you don’t want the svn, i don’t really care.


That’s the old version, which is completely by takua108. Me (and Jake1305 a bit) improved it, the release is here.

Is the one by takua anything like the ones on Garrysmod.org?

It is mostly, but it’s outdated and lacks some features listed on the garrysmod.org download page.

yea i love the gamemode.
can any1 provide me with a link to a version for single player that works on gmod 13?

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does it work on gmod 13?

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holy shit this thread is almost 3 years old

learn to check the dates

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