What happened to my groups? :U

So in Hammer, I often use the Group function (Ctrl+G & Ctrl+U) to move things at once and as a reminder, and to keep things organized and together.

Latley, however, it’s doing nothing. I mean, I figure I’ve hit some wrong keystroke somewhere, because even if I make a whole group of this and thats, and turn the whole thing into a func_detail, I can still select each little peice, as if it wern’t a func_detail or a group at all.

I must have hit something somewhere, can anyone help me? :v:

(tl;dr, how do I fix my groups, they aren’t…grouping)

Thanks ahead of time, aha…

There are 3 buttons in the top right by default. I think they are called ‘Group’, ‘Entity’ (Can’t remember this one), and ‘Solid’.

With group selected, it will select groups and shiz like that.
With entity selected, it will not select group but will still select the entity.
With solid selected, it will select that solid and will not class as an entity.

Hope I explained it well enough :stuck_out_tongue:

I doubt this is the problem. I believe the above post is %100 correct, but I sometimes have a similar problem with ignore groups. Every time you select a brush it turns it into a world brush and un-groups things. It is a little button at the top toolbar called “ig”.
And as I said before, the above poster is most likely correct.

“ig” basically just sets the right hand selector to “solids” anyway.

The little ‘ig’ button did the trick, thanks guys!