What happened to my models folder?

ive just reinstalled Gary’s mod after cleaning it out (and yes i played the game so i can have access to addons) and i didnt have my models folder for some odd reason in both \garrysmod\garrysmod and garrysmod\materials whats going on?

There’s no models folder there by default.

Those folders are empty for starts, it’s only when you start adding custom materials and models for maps and such that they are populated.

All the base models for gmod are kept in the .gfc files.

If you join a server or start singleplayer, it should have been created. Also you should right click your game in your library and verify integrety of game cache.

alright i will

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I tried and nothing happened im still missing the models folder

just throw the insides of a hexed addon(the lua, materials, models, ect) into the garrysmod/garrysmod folder and your good to go.:v:

ok maybe thats why

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oh yeah theres also another problem, i cant play multiplayer