What happened to official server's?

They went to shit yesterday from a hacker and nothing happened since is there going to be a rollback or wipe? Sorry if there’s already a thread On this not looking

We got rolled today on us central 4

Omega has been on our server for well over a day (Central 3) and the server hasn’t rolled back or been taken down… le sigh but at least we’re getting that sky improvement should totally stop the hackers

Because we all know hackers are mortally terrified of rollbacks. I mean seriously, has anyone ever stopped to think how if they did a rollback, whats to stop a “hacker” from just messing things up again? It would just be an endless cycle of hack, whine, rollback.

not really my main point but ok

I would love a rollback and Omega dealt with. Its not like they don’t know who he is. he had to put cc info in to get game through steam. They just have to deal with him and get off there Lazy rears

The King decreed that the lands had to be cleansed, and so it came to pass and the King saw that this was good.

I have no problem with any of the actual development process because its alpha and I know what i was getting into its that hackers like this can stay on all day on top of the consistent lag which makes the game unplayable a good portion of the time, the servers are really my only problem

US East Coast 3 has been getting shit on for the past two days from some wannabe Omega.
He’s just running around AOE killing everyone.

I know and they really havent done anything I dont know if they cant or what but its getting really annoying

…Did you just use “le” un-ironically?

Anyways, stay away from the official servers. There are problems aplenty. Find a community one; not as many hackers, and hey, maybe some friendlier players.

I didn’t mean to seem like an ass with what I said earlier. Still stands though: a rollback or a wipe will do little as a “hacker” can just wreck havoc again. Even if Cheatpunch/VAC gets them, they can just buy the game again and continue or some copy cat who wants to be “famous” will pick up where the other guy got caught.

yep the this hacker i met in game called Smokinkills just said he already bought 3 copies of RUST so he can hack again once he gets banned.

and hes hacking the server UK4 as we speak. him and his friend CalmasXXXX will forever be there.

This is exactly what I mean, the game, while great and I love where its going, is almost unplayable or enjoyable most times because either on a official server your rubberbanding and being killed by hackers or on a community server you get forced wipes pretty often making you unable to ever build up, no esta bien