What happened to PHX 3

What happened to PHX 3 download???

Is it possible to send a file from an old computer to a new one?

It SHOULD be svn only, it’s not supposed to be on garrysmod.org at all.

Pending that who ever uploaded phx3 to gmod.org got banned and file removed. Just use svn. Don’t know how to work svn? Just add me steam :wink:

Here’s a tutorial to use svn http://www.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=688324


Click this and you’re set to go. Place in addons.


Better SVN updater here. Doesn’t leave the .svn folders lying around, but still keeps the revisioning. Very easy to use too. Probably the best SVN program for GMod.

Thank you everybody :slight_smile:


Black Ice. it didn’t work.

The person who uploaded PHX3 on GMOD.org got banned.
So now, SVN only :hawaaaafap: