What happened to the "barely scripted" roleplaying?

A few years ago it was possible to join a server running a very simple script and use your imagination to roleplay something like a shopkeeper. Nowadays most people can’t even do that unless the script includes it as a feature. What, you mean there’s no snazzy interface and inventory system? Whatever happened to /give 30 and gravgunning a prop then taking it to your apartment/house/flat/hobo den? THAT is roleplay my friends! Sure it’s not polished, but using the basic features of the game adds to the charm. It also aids the comedy with it’s awfulness (remember, characters in Gmod RP aren’t able to touch anything without their 'ickle grav gun :v:)

Has using the available resources suddenly become boring? Sure Gmod10 has awesome capabilities, but with all these “advanced” scripts chucking more and more features in people’s faces, players are using their imaginations less.

It seems all the stuff out today is about who can make the script handle as much as possible. Stuff like money or keys I can understand perfectly well - they’re both small enough to be “invisible” as far as props/gameplay is concerned.

As more stuff is “scriptalised”, people will use their imaginations less. When everyone’s trying to make their script better than everyone else’s it just ends up a shitfest. By the end of it, nobody will know how to roleplay unless the script does it for them.

What can be done to keep people’s imagination fresh?

The more people we have who play Garry’s Mod, the more chance we have of gaining another member of the community who isn’t good at roleplay. It’s just the fact that there’s more and more people trying roleplay these days, and a greater deal of them (because there are more people as opposed to a couple of years ago playing Garry’s Mod) are sucking at roleplaying.

To roleplay well in any scenario on any server with any script, you need to be able to use your imagination. ‘Old school’ roleplayers like yourself, as you may say, need to stop complaining about people not using vanilla gmod to roleplay on sandbox. As it’s said, times change. I think I also recall it being said we need to keep with the times. The opportunity for you to roleplay ‘old school’ style is still there. If it’s a huge deal to you, do something about it, you certainly have the capabilities.

Oh and to answer your final question: Oh wait, you can’t answer this question. It’s a matter of personal ability and willingness to cooperate with others in order to create a fresh and enjoyable roleplay environment.

Don’t look at me…My last idea was to make a “Post Office” in City 18’s Change Shop.

Even, every second person who joins a SrsRP server will have this first question : “How can I get a job?” or “How do I get money?”

They doing like, it’s life’s necessity to have MONEY.

They walking around with their physgun or gravgun, minging around…They could try to do something simple things like talking peoples on the street, but wait…NO! That’s too boring for them, not?

These so called : “imagination less” peoples are usually DarkRPish or they can’t rp at all.

This is my own experience on our server, peoples just want more possibilities, like “Job menu” or I don’t know what. Peoples must try to learn, and use their imagination much more for their roleplay, or if it won’t work, try ask for help from the admins, maybe they got more imagination to figure a few things out.

Yeah but Le Pidgey, there aren’t any servers for us ‘old schoolers’ to go to anymore. I just want to join a server where I don’t need to download or SVN or garrysmod.org or some other stupid useless bullshit that I don’t want and don’t care about. ** Every ** server nowadays feels a need to cram as much worthless junk onto their server and I for one(and obviously OP) am sick of it.

You might find this hard to belive Le Pidgey, but there was once a time in GMod Roleplay where people didn’t use fancy lua’s to do stuff. There was a decent map, a very basic script, and a small pool of players that just RP’ed and didn’t need an ‘awesome ten channel ranged radio device’ to talk to other players.

What can be done ? A cap on server downloads would be a start. Maybe at say…50 lua’s. And no models or any shit like that because the HL2 basic models are fine. So are the CSS weapons. I personally don’t care if my pistol doesn’t have a ‘mega cool scoped range lock on device’, and I don’t want to sit there downloading it either.


Ah, Soret highlighted another thing, the ‘job menu’.

A !motd that would require you to read the commands to get a job would be like a simple filter system to eke out the small percentage of absolute morons that do play GMod.

If anyone remembers GMC, the script there was fairly simple even back in Gmod9. I re-wrote SGPRP from scratch to bring it up to Gmod10 standards and conducted a test to see whether people played it the way they did back then. The answer was a resounding no. Even the people from back then found it more fun to DM than to run a shop and get cash.

It seems everyone needs incentives to do stuff nowadays rather than just RP for the heck of it.

I miss the good old roleplaying feeling. I remember when I and a friend had just a toolgun and physgun and we built a shop and people would actually come and buy stuff with good roleplay. Now people would just go and ‘hi i iz money gimme gun kthx shoots you

GMC had the best roleplay imo, it was amazing to see everyone running a business without the major features… Hell you couldn’t even buy a door without an admin.

It died a protracted death when the children invaded.

I should make a quick, simple RP script. Maybe a couple chat mods, and a simple money system at most.

I wanted and thought that the new Facepunch server was going to be like this, fun and simple. But it seems that Hezzy wants to make it as over scripted as possible. I’m sure you are disappointed like be Ubermensch, and I wholly agree with your point. I think this needs to be revived. The Facepunch server would have been a great opportunity, and DarkRP could finally show its worth in servers like these if it was totally stripped to the bone, with no Prop protection and only 2 or 3 classes.

It doesn’t seem very overscripted to me, the baseline idea required almost no script, it’s the dumb shit people want in it that is adding more and more crap. A barebones RP is always fun, and the one time I did play on a LightRP server I had more fun on that than any of the big “popular” community servers would ever provide, the reliance on scripts is causing more and more problems, but thanks to the morons we see wandering around we cannot remove this reliance.

Barter System <3

Oh yes I remember building my own base on top of a roof on the GmodCentral server.
Good times, good times.
After a while I would let people on the roof and they would help build. I think we were called Rooftop Ninjas or something. (I was known as Piratemax / Pilot I believe)
I also remember being a mayor you could raise the payment for people who behaved well, or give out cash to citizens who clean the streets. The cop system was nice too, as an arrested citizen you could still resist and try to escape instead of being turned into a ragdoll and thrown into jail. Being cop was abused once in a while but there was always an admin nearby.

What I really hate about current scripts is that you’re talking only to people in the area on default, it makes the servers feel so empty… You never hear stories about people or if the mayor is being held hostage.

Yeah, everyone wants dumb stuff added like a RDM cool down or something stupid, I even offered up a Roleplaying alternative but… The server looks completely over scripted in my opinion, it’s got about 5 Police classes, level up stuff, and in general looks more like a RPG like World of Warcraft or Runescape (Might be wrong, never really played MMORPGs).

And does anyone know of any Light RP servers or something similar? The only real time I have had this kind of simple RP was on a DarkRp server, and the admin used to lock the server once there was a decent amount of good people on. We used to have cool little events like fairs and stuff, and people sold food props in restaurants, with waiters and people actually sitting down to eat.

I might put my server back up with a password to see how it goes…

I hate when the script doesn’t have radii for text and voice chat. There’s always OOC if you want to talk to everyone at once (just don’t do it in character!).

There are (were?) 2 kinds of Roleplay in GMod…

  1. You define your role.
  2. The script defines your role.

“1” sounds like it could never get old… but a restrictive script is sort of required these days to keep the children out. Cakescript works quite well for keeping the kids out since you can’t blow things up so easily with it. (boring for them)

This is a little bit like “I remember the good old days before we needed Prop Protection”. More kids = more destruction. People tend to get more creative as they get older.

DarkRP server + mini algebra test on connect = less minges. In fact I feel like making an addon for this…

One option is to have a good team of admins and a password which changes weekly. Obviously this would only work with communities with a VERY large and popular name, but it’s still a thought.

I’ll be setting up my RP server again tonight. Expect GMC-era gameplay. As we all know, the amount of DM is down to the people playing it, not the script itself :V

I have to say that is a resounding false statement, unfortunately. GmodRP would be a much better place if that were true.


This is like saying I dont think televisions are cool, I’d prefer imagining what would happen on the TV show instead.

Yes, you CAN imagine absolutely everything… But it gets dull.

Dunno what all of the hype is about.