What happened to the good gamemodes.

I’m bored of Garry’s Mod. I’m sick of all this main stream crap (i.e. DarkRP, TTT, Murder, Prophunt, Sandbox) everybody is hosting, I haven’t seen any gamemodes actually worthwhile to play since GMod 12. Remember gBattleship? – That was interesting and completely unprecedented.

Is there anything actually interesting in development/released that you’d suggest taking a look at?

Was Garryware that fretta one that was hilariously fun

Yeah, remake of Wario Ware. It was A+.

Mentlerd started remaking it in Garry’s Mod 13 however the lack of updated minigames/music detracted a lot from gameplay, after 5 minutes it got old. I contacted him about 2 months ago to ask where he stands on the gamemode and he said he abandoned the project.

While I agree with you about being bored of Garrysmod, I wouldn’t call the existing game modes “crap”; just overplayed.

They can still be fun if you take some breaks or play with friends, but I agree they get boring.
Thats why I’m going to write my own gamemode very soon, just planning out the ideas now.

I started developing a VS Saxton Hale Mode-ish gamemode (with other neat stuff), maybe this is the kick I need to finish it.

what about suicide survival?

Just the name makes me

Is it actually any good?

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well it used to be a standalone mod, you played as a shrub, and you tried to blow up fat WW2 pilots without getting hit by the books they throw at you. pretty good.

Now that’s the kind of stuff I’m looking for! Too bad it isn’t on 13.

remember when there was fretta servers that had there own mini games unique to each server? Ya I never see that kind of effort anymore.

I’m trying to understand what you said… Something about unique minigames?

I am a developer of BluShell (http://blushell.net/)

We host two unique gamemodes, Fortwars 3 and Puzzles.

Fortwars 3 is a remake of the famous Fortwars gamemode by the once great community, Darkland Servers. The lead developer of it, SW, was also the lead developer of Fortwars when it was under Darkland. We still consider Fortwars to be a WIP which is why we haven’t advertised it much. However, many people play it regardless.

Puzzles is a gamemode based on the js_build_puzzle Half-Life 2: Deathmatch maps made by DST Studios (dststudios.co.uk). I’m the lead developer for Puzzles, and I’ve been playing these maps for a very long time. More information is here: http://forum.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1248618 (I haven’t updated the thread in a very long time)

As of right now Fortwars is empty, mainly due to the time of day. Puzzles has a bit of people in it.

In addition, BluShell is soon going to open a server to test our new gamemode, Dominion.

I’m not sure if I’m allowed to advertise my own servers or not.

You can always look through the list I made here.

Intresting, I’ll have to take a peak!

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Yeah I know, I’m on it.

Maybe you got older, so you don’t enjoy GarrysMod anyone.

Maybe the main player base just got younger, we can thank all the “Let’s Plays” on YouTube for that.

Or Venturian Spammer…

Anywho, I attempted coding a gamemode once. Did not end well.

I think it’d be cool to have a gamemode that recreates the earlier period of Aperture Science where there was mass testing of different substances (As in they bring a shitton of people in to test things like repulsion and propulsion Gel) and what not. The goal would be to survive an entire testing run. (As you probably know (assuming you played Portal2), the tests were retardedly dangerous.)

Also, no portal gun for the entire thing and until maps designed to be like the later years, there’s no fallboots. (And unlike Sandbox the fall damage scales to the height.)

The general community has died, I guess.

What sucks right now is i have the time, motivation, (skill?), and playerbase to try something new, I just need an ideas guy. Probably the first time ever said

All the Portal content is already made, You’d just need to convert some things to Lua. Ex. Repulsion Gel bouncing you.