What happened to the Official servers?

About 6 weeks ago I was playing on an official Australian server for Rust.
I went away for business and notice now that only Singapore official server is available?

What’s happening?

I have reservations against using community servers because I feel as though they will be wiped/toyed with/hacked far more frequently.


They should be still there, there’s just thousands more servers. So you have to wait for all of them before you get a complete server list.

So checking the history server tab is a quicker idea, check there.

Well, you are right in that after waiting 10 minutes…other ‘Official Servers’ opened up.

Yet no Australian Server as of yet. (Where there used to be 1)

Would it normally take this long? Or longer?

It used to be quite instant.


Also, my history tab is empty.
Perhaps to do with a recent wipe?

The Australian server is seemingly down more often then it is up. I would recommend tring community Aussie servers even though most are dead due to blatant admin abuse everywhere. Or the admin “just having fun on his own server!!11!” and spawning 100s of c4.