What happened to the old derma designers?

Hey everyone.

So back when I was still new to scripting for GMod, I came across DermaDesigner. However, it seemed to be deprecated, and I continued to “manually” create my menus.
Faster forward to today, where I resumed my search. I came across a few things, like Derma IDE and Royal-Derma. However, none of these seem to be working properly…
Is there some kind of secret Derma Designer Club that I need to be a part of? Or if something like a Derma Design program/script just not in existence?


derma designers are absolutely fantastic for beginners; but pretty much ass for anything you want to release.

they limit what you can do quite a bit and most(all?) don’t generate code that scales properly which you should always be doing. [Docking; ScrW/H proportions; etc]

anyone who makes half-pretty things creates their guis manually; but i guess you can still use a derma designer for prototyping.

iirc royal derma still works fine for basic tasks; you should be able to use it if you have to

Hm. I suppose. It’s a shame no one made a designer that properly scales. Think over it briefly, it shouldn’t be too hard to add scaling.
Alas… thanks Bull :slight_smile:


If it’s not too hard you should do it and release it.

Honestly, if a user can’t understand the basics of vgui why are they coding for gmod to begin with?

Yeah its entry level, but there are plenty of other things that are entry level that would be more beneficial for learning wrather than just vgui. Just my personal take on the matter.

I started with normal things, grew my knowledge there, and then proceeded to learn vgui. You can do great stuff but a derma designer isn’t going to teach you all of the functions of a “PANEL”.

CGFrame > DFrame

The below images are just some examples of what you can do with basic knowledge. Best to learn from experience rather than drag and drop designers.


Is this your vgui or a derma designer??

My vgui.

Can’t really see it from the pictures but the background of the frames is actually animated.

Nice design, I like it!

Thanks bb, it’s pretty sleek in game though :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

share code please

LOL, nah you good. But I plan on releasing a customizable Panel pack soon. Just so I can stop seeing the default Derma Panels in servers. Should be an easy drag drop and done type of situtation. :wink:

I found a video I recorded of the menu/frame. Enjoy~

Very nice VGUI Richtofen. I see your point. Personally, I do know how to make Derma panels from scratch, and even paint them to my linking. I was just wondering what happened to the designers. They might come in handy for something :slight_smile:

I can see the editors as a quick way to throw gui together, which you can then play with it to get in perfect. I hate repetitive coding.

That’s why you create your own custom panels that do better things than DFrame ;). Extended flexibilty when it comes to customization is amazing when you know all the functions you created to maximize the potential of a single frame.