What happened to the PE servers?

Well, im just wondering what happened to all the Pulsar Effect servers? There all gone from my list and thier website doesnt work! If you are an admin/owner of Pulsar Effect and are aware of whats happened, please respond. Im really worried for my favorite community (No offence, Facepunch, your still my favorite forum)

Maybe they finially realised, to quote Mikfoz, that they are just Pissing in a sea of piss

But… it seems so wrong, theyre servers are so successful, huge amounts of player enjoying it, lots of donators (donater/donator, im not english), im one of those donators and i would like my money back if they are quitting this just like that.

They probably wont refund you. Considering you had a product given to you by law they don’t have to give money back.

As an admin of PE, I have no fucking idea what happened. I just thought it was routine maintenance/unexpected restart of the box. I hope this isn’t a repeat of april.
Also, Hunts wouldn’t suddenly just quit like that. Well, I doubt it anyway. PE has had some… “issues” lately.

What happened in april? Mega crash which breaks all the codes and forces you to remake everything?

Hopefully there fixing the SQL errors. I’m tired off none of my achievements saving and PERP restarting every 3 hours.

They got hacked by Thedefaced.org

The website and servers are currently down for an unknown reason. We will try to get them back up as soon as possible and I will contact hunts about this.

At butters: The SQL errors are fixed and restarts shouldn’t happen so frequently any more.

Thanks for fixing the errors which forces a restart… very annoying when you just planted weed then a sign says “map restart in 10 minutes”. lost a total of 20 plants because of that

How do you think I felt when I lost several AK’47’s, about 10 boxes of ammo, 2 shotguns, 3 police barriers, and a bunch of other shit when there was a Fatal MySQL error during the first zombie event?
Man. I fucking raged.

Wow… I feel sorry for you, Frohman. But as admin, cant you respawn stuff you lost, or is that against the rules?

Pk191 can, and so can hunts, but me on the otherhand, no. :<
Also, As of now, The server(s) have been down for 1 hour 45 min

Nevermind the sadface, i just hope this will be fixed soon…

Tazojin you are fucking idiot. Can you just shut the fuck up. We don’t care about your fucking fail attempts of trying to threatend us or spread worthless rumors. You will never get unbanned for sure. You are seriously the next Nofear of our community kkthxbai GTFO.

Anyways we have not been hacked or anything, i think the Database went down, it will most likly be up soon. Don’t worrie folks!


He was answering to what happened back in april…

I know but generally all his replies. !I Quoted Wrong reply"

Yeah that was pretty, deep with no need…

K, Well the site is back up, but somewhere somehow some databse got damaged. No idea what else got ruined. Will post back.

Only way to find out what was damaged is to playtest it, right? or maybe search through every damn thing PE holds and look out for faults.