What happened to the really nude Zoey?


The category is HUMOR? This thread isn’t humorous, I know that.

This will most likely get locked later on, maybe, or maybe not.
Either way, I would like to get responses from the community to what happened to the really nude Zoey model.

Sure. :warning: Nudity! These pics aren’t for the faint at heart.




This is not the nude_zoey I’m talking about. I’m referring to the fully nude one. What happened to that one. If anyone can put it back up on the internet, that would be great! Garry’smod.org probably won’t allow it. If not, upload it to megaupload, available for me to download.

This is not the nude_zoey I’m talking about.


The model in the pictures is the one I’m talking about and referring to. And no, don’t tell me that model was never in Gmod. It obviously was, but probably got taken down due to too much exposure.

Feel free to respond back, if you want to.

I see no pics… :Dawkins102: Its probably hiding on filefront. Hiding…hiding… :chef:

That is because they are url links.
You’ll need to click them, to view them.

Those were photoshopped

They took Zoey’s head and used the inflator tool on a nude Alyx model.


Long neck is looooong!

what about the zoey model with no bottom clothing

Which one are you referring to?
You aren’t talking about the Ravage Nude Zoey one are you? Lol.

You can’t even find the nude Alyx model anymore

Yes you can, you just didn’t look in the right places.


Whoa! Somebody is excited. Just the look of that emoticon is lol.

Whoa! That was dumb. Just the look of that post is dumb.

But yeah, it’s just zoey’s head on a nude body with the inflator

still a heck of a lot hotter than alyx

My god those nipples are fucking lemons, has the author ever seen a fucking girl before?

Somebody should make a nude zoey of this model, and put a zoey head on it.


Anything is truly possible, it’s just people are just way to busy or too lazy.

i came.

If it was about Zoey then it was obvious.