What happened to the 'Top Gun' and 'Mario boxes' mods?

Stopped playing Garry’s Mod for a few years, then came back to find out the Top Gun mod and the mod with mario-like boxes had gone! These were some of the BEST mods and if they were still around loads of people would play them!

The top gun mod had something like 2 aircraft carriers on either side of the map (a sea), you used to be able to spawn the crate model(s), except you had a choice whether it was bomber, fighter, etc. You got in these boxes and basically flew around the level fighting inside these flying boxes as if they were planes/whatever, trying to blow each other’s boxplanes up and perhaps attack the other aircraft carriers.

In the mario one, you started off on either the green or red (obviously mario and luigi) side, you played as a green or red crate and you had to get to the castle or whatever, you could pick up things like swords for example and try and jump on the enemy with the sword facing downwards to smash them (for example).

Do you remember these mods, and what happened to them?