What Happened to Winter Survival?

A bit ago, I got hooked on this game mode. It was the only one I played for about a month. I knew every combination an could make my own village in 10 minutes. Yet one day It said it’s running an older version then mine. After a week, it disapeard. Anyone know of any other Winter Survival Servers?

Maw dumped it, and it got no updates so… Yeah… Basically another failure.

Try stranded. It’s like winter survival… Without the winter.

Got an IP?

Yea, the only working version, AFAIK, is WSS (Winter Survival Settlement)

It’s basically the latest SVN (r304):


With TheMaw’s WSS patch on top of it (you need both this and the SVN):


You can also get good maps (sv_snow is crap, no offense) on garrysmod.org: