What happened with that idea for BPs to be in your STEAM inventory?

Was it scraped? It seemed a great idea. Trading for ones you don’t have with friends and a possible way to get globally transferable ones.

Also Gary could have probably made some extra post-sale revenue from it. As long as all BPs are discoverable in-game still, they could conceivably allow purchase of them, as well as trading. Maybe not all but the ones that don’t affect the game -like jackets or other mostly decorate things.

Hmm. I think I may have just suggested Gary add micro transactions. :words:

it kicked up a shitstorm despite the assertion that the game would not become PTW. probably still on the books, but further along in development.

Shame. Hopefully they bring it back into focus, especially if there is some kind of research system where you create BPs yourself through some kind of resource/item finding etc.

I think people will complain about everything that isn’t “C4 is now a small warhead that takes out a small corner of the island, and the loot then rains down from the sky as fallout.”

The whole idea of it makes me uncomfortable. Maybe it would turn out cool but I’m not sure. There is a bit of magic in finding a bp that you need and the risk of danger in trading with someone in game for an item that would be lost.

Speaking of which- I would love if someone could craft me some large signs on Seattle server!

It would be viable. But you would need SHITTONS of new items and buildables. Like tf2 has.

The fact that it was only an idea is what happened. It could still be added in the future, it might have been scrapped due to the shitstorm it ignited with some of the community. All we can do is wait and see.

Lol I opposed it, but thinking on that a bit, it may even work, if they dont force it for everything. Lets do it like for hats/costumes, a specific trade-class weaponry (rare findable special weps), and valuable blueprints. Also, no ingame store, BUT community market.

I didn’t like it at first either, but would be open minded to seeing how it was implemented for purely cosmetic things. If this was integrated with creating your own content/designs it would be cool. Like if you wanted to design a t-shirt or coat for your group. I would like that.

Yes, I would agree to this idea only if it is ONLY cosmetic items.

**Edit: ** …and maybe some cool looking custom gun camos.

An idea put on the backburner, mostly because the team decided to get a baseline established over the past few months instead.

It will probably be implemented at some point, and I trust Garry to not make it a sort of P2W system. If anything, I expect some of the dickish members of the playerbase to do that themselves, but I believe the core system won’t require you to spend actual money on Rust items.

What I think would be even cooler though is having a Workshop system like TF2 where players create their own items, post them in the workshop, and the community votes on items that should be in the game. While I can also assume this would open up the door for people to vote on what are essentially “meme items”, I still think the core idea is awesome.

Its a massive can of worms to open that the game isn’t ready for yet.

I think the key thing to remember is that Steam Inventory blueprints were never going to be the “base” version of items, just alternatives like guns with slightly different stats (if that) which would still require you to find the blueprint for the base item on the server you want to craft it on. Like, it wouldn’t be that you’d have an assault rifle blueprint in your Steam Inventory and be able to make it immediately when joining a server, you’d have a heavy assault rifle that does a bit more damage but would have lower firerate or higher recoil or something, and you still couldn’t craft until you find the blueprint for the normal assault rifle on that server. And Steam Inventory stuff not only doesn’t have to be marketable, marketability can be set for individual items, so if it really mattered that much, Garry could just set all the stat-effecting stuff to be unmarketable and all the cosmetic-only stuff to be marketable.

I exactly thought that!! Making weapon recrafting stuff like 2 magazines tied together, so 1 reload is faster (bit slower 2nd reload), heavy magazines, compact version of different weps.