What happenes in RebelRP server when cops are lazy


… I don’t get it. Are the plants supposed to be weed or something?

(I don’t play RP).

Yeh plants are weed and those white boxes are money printers :smiley: all illeagle

and its the backroom of gun shop

Haha. That’s pretty cool actually… well, it wouldn’t be in real life, but the fact you can do it in RP is cool.


lol I wish the RP servers I join ed were like that, I’d be rich!

What server is it?

Why play Dark RP? Why not join a serious RP server?

lol that my old server with v14 of rebelrp :smiley:

now we are at v28 we got inventory and all xD (we are re opening the 15)

I wished drugs were actually useful, like the older version of DarkRP. Giving you directly money.
Actually, the drugs are just so useless that nobody want them.

i agree, if they enhanced the effects and removed the fucking ridiculous visual effects i’d use it.

If Prices for weed were that high, I’d be broke D:

yes well in the version now you can grow any drug and sell them to a npc for money
so you have
weed = 25 to 75
shrooms = 50 to 100
cocaine = 75 to 125
heroin = 100 to 150

and they all have there own grow time 30% = 1, bag 60% = 2 bags and 100% = 3 bags
weed 1% = 2
shrooms 1% = 4
cocaine 1% = 6
heroin 1% = 8

i made it that way so ppl have to work for there money what do you think ?