what happens to the old boxes?

Hey devs. i saw the patch preview with the new boxes. i was wondering what will happen to the old boxes? will they be replaced with their content in tact and what will happen to boxes that are over lapping? like mine:


I hope they do not all get destroyed. i have a lot of stuff in them.

Don’t panic :slight_smile:

I bet they will wipe all the servers or something, I’m not too sure.

I hope no.

He should defently panic. MOM THEY DID IT AGAIN!

Lol every big update comes with a wipe on most servers. Sometimes it even requires a wipe to update.

I will go with the old DayZ adage, rule number one do not get attached to your gear.

It will most likely require a wipe.

Any idea on when the patch might be released?

A wipe?! In an alpha?! Why…that’s unheard of! Wait…no…nevermind…that’s actually pretty common.

Garry said this week.

In this case I would expect a wipe because of the addition of durability. They’ll be wanting to know how it impacts new spawns and progression more-so than people who already have established stockpiles.

if they wipe, then i am not concerned. if they just remove boxes that are overlapping, then i will be upset… then i will get over it.

if they wipe, i am done with this game. 102 hours of gathering resources , raiding and building a very big base and all for nothing . wtf

If you are being serious, you are a fool for buying into the game. There is a disclaimer on the store page stating how its an Alpha, so be prepared for frequent wipes and item loss.

I hope every single server gets wiped. I’m on a rare military stuff server and already got everything except for kevlar armor. Kevlar is for pussies. :rock: