What Happens When A RED Scout Drinks BLU Bonk???

The title speaks for itself

“What happens when a RED Scout drinks BLU Bonk”

(Just so you know, no this is not like “What happens when louis gets his pills” It’s different)

That was great, I thought it would be like What happen when Louis git his pills.

This is original and this is not dumb.
Da. This your work.

At first I thought he was going to move extremely slow due to it being BLU bonk… but wow, rated a funny.

Oh my, scout accidentally the whole world


I loved it, hope to see more from you.

Well, that was awesome.

Hahaha, really good job man!

**brilliant! **

Very good and original!

It was freaking amazing! Original and nicely executed.


Hahaha awesome

I loved it!

Ending was unexpected.