What happens when a server wipes???

can anyone tell me what happens when a server wipes???

They flush, then wash their hands and go about their business.

Seriously now, the one instance of a “wiped” server that I’ve played on was pretty much as if the server had just started. Usually all player made buildings are deleted and blueprint knowledge is reset. People will not spawn where they last were. Like I said, its like a server is just being turned on for the first time.


It’s like nobody was ever there.

That is one reason why i don’t join wipe servers even mine doesn’t have wipe

With the current mechanics and implementation of building, plus bugs associated with those mechanics, wiping is an absolute necessity.

These “no wipe” servers are doing themselves more harm than good.

everyone loses everything and any player-placed objects are removed. in general, everything is reset to default

Mine is fine at the moment but ill look into it

All bases erased
All items erased
All learned blueprints are erased

This is necessary to keep the server up to date and working properly with major updates from rust.

think or it like going to the bathroom, you shit, then wipe your butt to make it look like no shit was ever there!