what happens when sam and max go to gmod






well this is my first time with gmod photos, what do you think guys?

You uhh… you need to upload them first.

Nice job, but the lighting is a little off on Sam’s nose.

And Max’s hands are terribly posed. Just toy around with the fingerposer first.

sorry i tried but it did not show up

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sam and max use left 4 dead things in gmod but sam still uses his gun, max has pills and a uzi, sam has a m16 and a medkit and his revolver the big kill

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its my first time doing this

It’s decent and some spots are nice…keep it up :slight_smile:

thanks i plan to show more sam and max screenshots

Dude, we can’t see the images, these guys are messing with you.

Upload the images to a website first!


What dribbled through your head to make you think to upload comics and images before figuring out how to post them?

i thought

im going to make cool sam and max screenshots in gmod then post them

But they are not cool.

to you they are not but to other people they are

To who? All the eight year old kids out there?


how and the hoover hell are these comics?

Oh lord

Haha, has anyone actually seen these yet?

Amazing. Loving the Program Files!

I now know your steam username.