What Happens When The Combine Find Gordon


Stop. Just stop. There are too many videos of this bullshit. Quit beating an overused meme, and pull something original out of your ass for the sake of the Gmod community.

Those isn’t funny any more.

nice ergrish broesph. I like it. Add it as a video response to the louis pills video to get more views

It was ok.
But like a person who hates random machinma videos with a passion like jack tomas does.
ill say it
“blame violent machinma random videos!”
Company’s like dasboshit inc are like rockstar games! they make people kill other people, or worse… scum up this section…
On a serious note, it was decent, i chuckled, but was annoyed.
I am tired of this stupid shit again.
I can’t call machinma in this section a art form anymore… it use to be, back when people made real videos, but these are just bad.
I blame directors who spend less time on talent and on quality, or story plot. These idiots like to focus on the dumbest joke they could do, in the shortest amount of time and make the video look like shit.
People have gotten lazy with machinma and making these 10 second movies, ore making a 5 minute movie with 10 10 second clips don’t take too long, and ALOT of the time they a poor, even the best of these videos can be classified as poor quality.

Shit like this is whats going to make machinma a new art form into another generic over used, shit ball.

People steer the… I hate to call this a community, into a better direction.


ive seen it before… but its still good to watch again… and again