What happens when you type quit in console?

People keep saying to do it but what the hell does it do?

Well, if you type ‘quti’ into console, I don’t think anything actually happens.

If you mean ‘quit’, however! It’s just another form of godmode. Yeah. That’s what it is.

Typeing in quit actually gives you godmode on mulitplayer severs, and you don’t get VAC banned!

Golly, I wonder what the QUIT command does!

Between this line and the op is all the trolls of the thread. (hint hint, then probably banned because “backseat moderation”)

AAAANYWAY, quit closes the game. I know this because I use it to exit my game all the time, instead of using the oh-so-nooby menu system. (I just don’t like using the menu system, call me crazy/a *nix user)



Lol, it was suppose to be QUTI but some moderator changed it to quit…

myself always ask what is buddha? they say its godmode but then better?? what is it

Buddha is not as good as god mode. It makes your HP never go lower than 1, but taking too much damage will kill you anyway. A bit like alyx’s godmode in EP2. Too much damage over any period of time=death. HOWEVER, buddha can be used in hl2 without sv_cheats, thus with achievements. But that’s cheating, and only EP2 has achievements.