what happens with Nexus RP framework

I already 1 week try yo find nexus framework for rp gamemodes, most of URLs move me to http://www.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=930376, but it clothed, i download 2 “nexus” frameworks from web, 1 of them include only 1 lua file with size 150 sv_auto.lua, other have some more similar on nexus, but when i try launch it my garrysmod crashed with hl2.exe error, when i try to launch nexus-based gamemode it looks like sandbox; and when nexus free and very cool why thread has been deleted and hard to find any information about it on facepunch?

Don’t use it it’s shit an the maker of it doesn’t want anyone to use it anymore.

oh…, but it work now? maybe i do something wrong…