What has become the Rust meta?

Offline raids = Raids undertaken when the base owner is offline.

See the below thread for more discussion about offline raids and offline griefing.


probably 30% offline raids, 20% online raids, 30% KOS and 20% hacking/greifing.

offline raids are awesome to piss ppl off

i once upon a time i take raid when i sleeping. the raiders leave with all merry christimas gifts and all collection of pulsewatch my dad had more 3k in money. So if “offline” raids occours in real life why get mad if that?

Update: Cops don’t find anything, all rooms are entered to find goods, we find a bat with nails on it at kitchen. Raiders jumped out the external wall with all lot include beer box. My mother wake up and speak things then they run away (almos all loot alread outside in a truck)

Definitely 80% on my server.

Offline raids are so frequent now because of the cost of materials to make explosives. Rust legacy, this wasn’t as big of an issue due to semi cheapness of c4.

Sure, everyone in legacy was raided. Everyone in NuRust is as well; it’s just that they’re offline raided now.

Increasing expense of items has adverse effects.

80% in my experience. I rarely raid myself but when I do I do it when they are off. I’m a solo player so I take any advantage provided.

In return my bases are always raided when I’m off line.

Just out of interest, what number of that 20% do you give to hacking and griefing individually?

Also if you disregard KOS and griefing and focus soley on raids, what would the percentage be in your opinion?

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haha. well whatever makes your life more bearable. who am i to judge?

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That’s an interesting point man. I can’t remember what c4 cost in legacy but I do remember it being easier to make. It would make sense that raiders would be less inclined to online raid once they’ve poured all those resources into their c4. They don’t want to risk losing it.

hmm, to answer the first i think it’s probably about 15% hacks and 5% griefing; people tend to scream “grief” over things that are pretty integral to the game, such as your home not being yours unless you can protect it. if someone decides to spend the time razing or fencing it in then your defences were lacking and you probably pissed them off. that said, you should have to put as much effort into greifing that base as building it; if we had hammer sim for building, then the number of people actually fencing in/spam filling the bases would reduce significantly.

just between online and offline raiding? probably a higher percentage of offline than online. i personally would rather attack a players base while he is there to defend it, but many people seem to prefer the safety of “winning” the raid with the least resistance/effort. hell, the people who complain the most about raiding being too hard seem to want loot given to them on a silver platter. reminds me of the rpg hero video that college humor made ages back.

Man thats funny, ive never seen that before. Pretty much me in every RPG.

Thats a lot of hacks %. Its sad that theres people out there who hack. But thats a story for another time.

After the sleeping bag / bed cooldowns = 100% are now offline raids. Nobody wants to raid online anymore.

So far it does seem like the results are favoring high percentages of offline raids. But I think the sample size is too small to quote it.

I wish more people would vote dammit!

As a solo player, it’s my only opportunity to raid. Running up to 15 geared clan warriors and waving my sword and single C4 around has proven surprisingly ineffective :frowning:

Best to do offline to secure the loot if that’s your goal. Many of our online raids lately we come home empty-handed because of despawned loot.

Thing is I’d love to raid someone’s base or defend whilst being raided, however when me and my mates created our base we planned to raid this base the next day. During the night we were offline the popular group on the server “found” out our keycode changed the locks and killed all us. (we’re convinced that this guy we befriended for 2 weeks leaked it to them)

I can’t convince any of them to come back on any more now because of it, the base still stands with a sign saying ‘Fags’ outside.

Two weekly wipe cycle:

First week, offline raiding for the profit.
Second week, online raiding for the explosions and fun.

Week1: “ugh. our entire base got stolen this is bullshit”
Week2: “so we did a raid and tore up EVERYTHING except 1 foundation piece where the guy was sleeping, took all his armor + put a pumpkin on his head”

I always try to gauge whether or not we have pissed off a clan/enough people and they know where we are so I should probably make preparations.

That’s the thing though, you don’t get the element of surprise in an offline raid. Every night before I log off I can just prepare by moving all the most valuable stuff somewhere nearby or hide it somehow and boom, most of the stuff lost in the raid can be replaced relatively easily.