What has happend to us?

I remember my first time coming to this sub-forum it was peaceful,nice,and people gave you great answers to questions. That was about six months ago. Now, on the other hand we have forums leading us closer and closer to the breach of a flame war and it doesn’t stop on the forums. Now, now were seemingly wagging wars against each other be it biological(viruses,hacking,spam) or actual ground combat. We were once a family guys… Not just friends, a family and, everyday in these useless flame wars about which gamemode is better we are tearing apart. If we don’t stop this useless bullshit… Just think about it. We won’t even probably have a respectful roleplay. All we’ll have is pixels. Pixels to remind us that we fucked up somewhere along the line. Answer me one more thing. Is it really Dark RP,Gmod RP or any of those other RP gamemodes that are up to blame? Or is it actually us,the ones who sit there and refuse to reside our problems and make more flames then we put out.

In my honest to god opinion, after this post I’m finished with arguing in the Dark RP vrs. Gmod RP bullshit. It’s just not worth the frustration to fight something that may of been just a joke at first.
If anything I’m gonna try and learn LUA so I can listen to the RP community and actually make a gamemode that isn’t massful like PERP or DMfest like Dark RP.

That is all, flame if you want I don’t care all I know is if it doesn’t change soon we probably won’t have rp anymore.

We have RP. It’s just in isolated pockets.

Many people have been drawn away from the fact that GMod is a Half Life 2 modification compatible with other source game content such as Counter Strike: Source or Team Fortress 2, if roleplay is introduced, then it should be a Half Life 2 City Roleplay (Eg. Cakescript, Tacoscript), a Terrorist/Counter Terrorist roleplay meaning the terrorists bombing a destroyable target in select maps or a rescue the hostages mission, instead, we have things like Dark RP, which have nothing to do with either game…

stop posting the same thing everywhere you ass. That has absolutely nothing to do with the topic. So what a RP doesn’t match up with the games storyline, the whole point of GMod is to abandon the storylines and just do what you want.

Not really, seeing as RP is itself a mod for GMod, which aims to NOT be like CSS and HL2, to be different, and let the user do as he sees fit, instead of linear storylines a lá HL2.

  1. Is posting the same thing bad? If so, sorry.
  2. Well, we should at least be realistic with our roleplay, because last time I checked, you cant just look around any corner and find an arms dealer or have an inventory capable of fitting a small college into.

If that was true, then all mods based off Half Life 2 should be based around the HL2 universe, or they wouldn’t be popular or well liked. We wouldn’t have Counterstrike, Day of Defeat, Battlegrounds, Neotokyo, Empires, ect.

Also, if you want serious roleplay, stop going to DarkRP and the facade “SRS RP”. There are many actual serious RP servers, and they’re usually the most reputable ones out there. Take a look at some of the Ads around here, check player recommendations, or look around.

I have played on many darkrp servers that are serious hard to believe tough. :q:

I don’t get it why you it is bad to have mixes of different worlds.

I’m going to hate myself for quoting a song but it’s the most relevant thing I can think of…

“What we’ve got here is, failure to communicate. Some men you just can’t reach. So, you get what we got here last week, which is the way he wants it! Well he gets it! N ’ I don’t like it anymore then you men” - Guns N’ Roses - Civil War

Most won’t get what I used that quote… Simple fact is, when we are ready to be united into one family again; many,many months from now. Well I damn well assure you I’ll be opening my heart and arms for any lost soul of the next Gmod screw up.