What has happened to the online community on Gmod!?

I’ve been away from playing for around 10 - 12 months, just haven’t had the time + had bad internet.

I’ve come back to an online community where most servers require 10’s - 100’s of Mb’s of files to be downloaded, and once you’re on the admins just don’t talk or aren’t even present, the server’s laggy and you have no privileges at all.

I used to be in around 8 different communities, mappers, rp’ers, builders, stranded and so on. They’re all gone which is understandable, but where are the new ones?! Again, every server I join has no admins or admins that don’t talk, you have no freedom with tools and everyones just so fucking boring!

What’s happened Facepunch, I used to love playing online, these day’s i’m struggling to find a decent server that I can stay on for longer than 3 minutes!

People have less money. Hence less people have servers, and the ones that do may have less time as they’re more likely to be working due to people in general having less money.

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But my communities’ servers are good of course.

This would make sense but Jesus, i’ve been sat here for 3 hours now having finished all my college work, I wanna relax, play on a game I haven’t done so online in some time, (finally have fast enough internet again) and I can’t find anything! Any advice on finding decent communities?

Here’s examples of what to stay clear away from.


I’ll assume the lack of servers is mainly due to the update, so out of date servers aren’t being shown.

Dark RP I understand is very immature although what’s HL2 RP, + what’s OA-1.07?

Deathrun is incredibly boring anyway haha

What’s “lite” roleplay or is it the gmod.biz you’re saying to stay away from.


gmod.biz fake their playercount, therefore they’re not worth playing. OpenAura is some RP gamemode core by Conna. Everything he makes breaks and is backdoored (Unless you buy it) - so there’s obviously many better things to play than it. Wiremod.ru are pirates and elitists if I remember right.

Haha, alright fair enough. Shit’s got real over the last year.

I thought Conna was a “respected” Lua coder, well, at least used to be.

That was the case until he started whipping out DoS on anybody that didn’t like him.

What’s DOS, i just googled and found Department of State and Democratic Opposition of Serbia :stuck_out_tongue: - they don’t seem related.

He’s a damn good coder regardless of your opinion of him.

Denial of Service attack.

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Dedicated is more what I would call it. He makes a shittonne of mistakes (as shown by how many of his scripts break due to updates), but he generally fixes them and he puts in the time required to produce large projects.

I know I just saw that 30 seconds ago!

You have to find a good server or get involved in a community that has a forum to have a good time. Also OpenAura is good if you are on a good HL2rp server

yea this is what i’m saying, I’ve spent HOURS trying to find a decent server… Recently I can’t even join them there’s that much SHIT that needs downloading.

Even after (in one case) 30 minutes of downloading, it just got stuck on retrieving info afterwards…

  • I don’t wanna listen to a fucking radio either…

Any GOOD communities out there? What are they called etc… 'cause i’m proper bored of gmod without other people.

Gmod is pretty ruined :I

I’m a member of a really good community at the moment. No minges, nice admins, good userbase… Check it out: “www.divinecircles.net”.

Really good, yeah!, and its mine! :smiley:

Good servers/community’s are out there, its just hard to find them. I cannot stand servers who’s admins jerk their players around and abuse all their powers, steal your creations or remove them for no reason what so ever, nor can I stand servers that make you donate for a tool gun, or block almost every addon installed… why bother putting in on in the server in the first place, and many other reasons lead me to staring my own server and community.

I could sit and say our community is the “best”, but it has flaws and we have our bad days (“Welcome to the server of crashes”). I try my best to see trough a guests point of view and try to avoid doing things that tick me off on other servers. Over the last year and a half I’ve found some admins who share the same feelings as I do, with their help we have built up a community which we enjoy running, its not a large community but I’d prefer it to be small.

I’m not going to ramble on and on about our our servers, there are others similar out there, like little islands you just have to find them.

I never managed to experience multiplayer in Garrys mod because of the bloody CS content every server requires. I don’t like CS and will never buy it but I love Garry’s mod. Oh and of course these big files that takes hours to download.