What Have I Done?

His pose didn’t come out like I wanted it. The editing didn’t come out like I wanted it. I couldn’t find the proper map I wanted. The bullet wounds didn’t come out like I wanted. This whole image was technically a disaster for me, but here you go I hope you like it rate it 5

What has Billy Mays done!?

Poor dude.

Gods replay: “OOooohhh…mmm…you take this one son.” Jesus: “Me?”

Lighting is great, he’s torso is a bit miffed and his knees should be further apart, I did a sort of similer pose the other day, wasn’t happy with it but I liked the blood effect on mine:

Not sure what you did. Clicked the thread and was greeted with a 502 gateway error. :v:

Cool picture.

The lower arms are positioned too high I think and awkwardly pressed to eachother.

It’s still a good picture.

The fingerposing is great and the faceposing pretty good, sadly the rest is pretty dodgy

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Oh and JPsRcE that blood owns, nice work man

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perhaps a little wishy-washy on the clothes though