What have you been building?

Post pictures of your proudly made buildings here! Feel free to leave a description too :downs:

This is my first, been working on it for a little time, but still going. It is 9 stories tall and I did it all myself.

Nice job! :smile:
Better than most of the work I do, and looks really secure.
Also, I used to be your neighbor before people started building around my own house to get inside of it… sheesh, the trouble I went through. Maybe you can visit my new home some time? :dance:

I would post a screenshot but going on during the day is really risky. I prefer to go on during night time so I don’t have to deal with the massive amounts of noobs and hackers and such.

I broke into that place like 3 times. Unless there is a similar spot.
No good loot at all :confused: