What HL2:RP gamemod (free) do you suggest?

Please i am new to this and i already did some research and found nothing.

It seems HL2RP is almost dead to this community. Everyone says it makes no sense to run that serious RP becouse everyone want DM and stuff…
So i don’t care about your opinion. I want run server for me and my friends and we already agreed to run HL2RP. We want that serious RP and we will be able to maintain it. It will be language-specific server, no english, we already have community and this is just another server for our community.

So only thing i ask about is what gamemod (free) should i choose to build my HL2RP on.
I can maintain it myself but i don’t want to start from nothing. It would be best if there are any working free HL2RP gamemods that have some basics like combine stuff and basic RP stuff…

What can you suggest me?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

(And your please save your “OMGZZZZ SEARCH UR IDIOTZZZ ZZZZ ZZZ” or “HL2RP SUCKS!!! RP IS ONLY BOUT DMING!!! OMGGGGG”. I already searched.)


Thanks, but tiramisu is just framework so it has nothing in common with HL2 RP. It is just RP right? So is it at least prepared to add faction like combine and prepare other stuff? I never did anything in lua but i know many other languages (Pawn, C#, PHP and some basics of some other languages) so for beggining i would be glad for minimal lua programming. How much is tiramisu HL2RP friendly?

Ah, the good old days when RDM didn’t even exist and nobody complained about getting killed.

Oh i see there is HL2RP schema in Tiramisu. Also i am wandering if there is any documentation or any useful info on settings and other stuff to get faster into tiramisu.

Edit: Found wiki… But that didn’t helped me much :frowning:

Sorry about that, the wiki articles were written by me and flamingspaz, haven’t been updated in a while. I’ll update them soon. The developers are very friendly though, just post in the tiramisu thread and you’ll get help fast.

Yea thanks, i am getting into it… Code is really easy to read and easy to understand :slight_smile:
Well thanks all of you, i really love Tiramisu and it suits my needs… Just some customization needed and it will be rockin :slight_smile:

If this is somehow moderated, you can lock this or delete or whatever you would like to do with solved post :wink: :slight_smile:

And again, thanks everyone :slight_smile:

In Tiramisu 2 you pretty much don’t need to code anything. Wait for it.

Coming to a computer near you in 2014!
But yes, tiramisu is the way to go.

Actually, if things come along, it’ll be released tomorrow.

Don’t excite me like that. I only have so much underwear.

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Brb, preparing a server.

Oh man, i won’t be able to sleep today! :smiley:

1999 was a good year

What’s the progress? :slight_smile: Any news or date when it should be out? And/or some beta version? I would like to start working on schema as soon as possible so it could be ready when stable version is out :slight_smile: I suppose current schemas and plugins won’t be fully compatible with 2.0… So what’s the progress with 2.0? :slight_smile: And ale is there some features list / changelog for 2.0 ? :slight_smile: Or any news at all?


Are you gonna give some reasoning behind that?

It’s horrible.

I said reasoning, not rambling.

So, what makes Tiramisu horrible?
In my opinion it’s the best free roleplaying gamemode out there.
Is it because it lacks stupid RPG features such as stats?

So no news about 2.0 at all? Should i wait for it or not? I want to start rp server soon but now idk if it is better to wait few days for 2.0 or start working on 1.2 bc 2.0 is not going to be released in weeks…