What hook can be called upon the player's next spawn? Or can I do this with a variable in GM:PlayerSpawn()?

Just so you know, I’m trying to get my gamemode to set the player’s weapons on their next spawn based on what they had before they died. How would I do this?

GM:PlayerSpawn() is called for every time a player is spawned, so it’s what you are looking for.

My gamemode involves classes(Not made with the built in class system, just made with a simple derma menu) where each player is assigned different weapons. Using GM:PlayerSpawn would be good if every player got the same weapons, but since each player has different weapons depending on their class, I need to find a way to save their currents weapons and give those weapons to them on their next spawn.

So, what’s the problem? Just do it.

Well, thing is, I don’t know how I could save their weapons and give them what I saved…

once they die save their weapons, then on playerspawn give them their weapons back?

I want to know how to do that. Nvm though, I decided to use Gmod’s built in class system for my gamemode, and I’ll just use Player:GetClassID().

Create a table.
When a player dies insert their weapons into the ‘table’ by using, table.insert( table, vic:GetWeapons() ) while using this hook: http://wiki.garrysmod.com/page/GM/PlayerDeath

Then when a player spawns iterate through said table and give him the weapons that he died with. Thats how I think its done. Shouldn’t be too hard imo, let me know how it goes.