What Hooks Run BEFORE Initialize?

I’m worried about completely overriding hooks in my gamemode. In past experience, completely overriding some hooks breaks things.

So, to combat this, I’m doing
WZ = {}
hook.Add(“Initialize”, “WZ_HOOK_OVERRIDE_PROTECTION”, function()
for k,v in pairs(WZ)do
if type(v) == “function” then
hook.Add(k, “WZ_HOOK_PROTECTION_”…k, v)

and I’m just using WZ as my new GM.

However, it comes to my attention that some hooks might call before Initialize, and would be bad to add only after initialize.

Am I wrong? What hooks are called before initialize, if any, so I can avoid them?
Is there a better way of doing this? Should I even do this at all? I know issues can be avoided if I add special stuff to those hooks, but will this help avoid that?

Thanks for the help!

What do you mean by “completely overriding hooks”?

function GM:PlayerInitialSpawn()



This is called “what to do when all hooks fail to return a value”.

If you are coding a gamemode you use GM table, otherwise you use hooks, because obviously you will break stuff. if you REALLY want to do that WZ nonsense, just don’t call it from any hooks, call it straight when lua loads.

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A thing to notice, you might want to call back to baseclass in your gamemode, so you don’t break default action.

Something like self.BaseClass.HookFunctionName( self, args ). You might want to check how sandbox does that.

Thanks for the advice.