What i do when i'm bored (and Internet is off)

I got a limit of 60 gigs of transfer per months…and without Internet,i have jack shit to do.Most of my games are from Steam so yeah…
Here’s the things you’ve missed because of this.



I liked the angles on the last 2.
And they are all pretty well done.

Wow, good shadowns and lighting. But in my opinion the first pic would be better with only one smoker.

They’re all pretty good. Well done.

Illumination super

The smokers posings are awkward. Would be better if they wouldnt stand around like retards(no offense)
But the edit is very cool. You get an arty.

Awesome job!

Spectacularrrrrrr. (Mexican accent)

I was expecting porn. :frowning:

It says “when internet is off”.

People can save porn onto their computer you know. :rolleye: