What I don't get about Key's & Locks

Yes, I know the community has voiced it’s concerns on Keys,however…this particular element is something I don’t understand.
Twice now I have died/respawn having my keys on me in a area that would not allow me to directly get back to my corpse.
One of those times I died with an animal coming under the ground into my base while I am in it and killed me (yes I know its a bug …still).
The point is, If you die, no matter in which way, and you have a base you can pretty much forget about getting back in.
This is an element that is out of our hands and we have no control over the situation. Add the element that this is a survival game and you have just knocked down any chances of surviving.
Yes, I am aware that the the gang has mentioned it is a placeholder but cmon guys…why even release it if it is broken.
I guess the lesson here is either one or two things. Don’t build a base and be exposed as a sleeper with a crap ton of mats OR…DON’T GO OUTSIDE! (and starve)
Of course the secondary choice doesn’t matter if you have animals spawning in your base killing you!

… You can…make a spare set of keys…and keep them in the house…for when u respawn…

It’s not. It is the first tier of lock technology. You will be able to upgrade your locks later.

Its not broken. You are SUPPOSED to be able to lose your base in this fashion (minus the animal glitch that is being fixed this week).

Idiocy…jesus people. Use your heads. Have a spare set as mentioned left inside your base. Stash your key OUTSIDE in a hidden crate or lantern. There’s no reason to lose your base unless you’re an idiot.

I usually hide 3 or 4 keys in different locations around the map… nowhere close to my base mind you. that way if for some unforseen reason i do die and can’t get to my spare in my house which btw you can throw your key back thru your door once you lock it so you don’t have to have it on you while your out roaming.

or unless you play on a populated server where people purposely look around to try and find keys? or say theres someone well hidden with a gun pointed at your front door, as soon as you walk out you’re dead and he has your keys

how about getting off your high horse and realising the flaws in the game

You say that, and to start with I would have agreed with you when there was only 30-40 people on each server. Now that I have been playing for over 300 hours on experimental, and the servers are a lot more full, I am starting to agree that the key system is ruining things.

I enjoy building. I have build some very cool and elaborate bases, ungraded to level 6, but I never manage to hold on to them for more than 1 day.

Consider the following scenario, (which usually happens to me):

I build a base, upgrade it to level 6, lock the door, make two keys and leave a spare key inside. I step outside to gather more resources, and get sniped by some KOS’ser with a gun. He takes my key and enters my base. I respawn inside, naked and holding nothing but a rock, and he is already waiting for me with his weapon out, (no pun intended). BANG! I’m dead again. He goes about his business, looting my base, whilst simultaneously shooting me each time I respawn. When he’s taken everything, including my spare key, he leaves and locks me in.

I now have the choice of respawning in a locked base with no resources, and spending 3 hours trying to break my way out, or give up and starting over.

The first few times, you chalk this up to experience, but after about 20x times of building your base and having someone else take it, you start to feel really fed up. Even if you have managed to hide a spare key inside or outside, in a lantern somewhere, once your base is compromised, you cannot change the lock, and the person will just keep coming back every couple of hours to kill you and loot your resources, now that they have their own front door key!

I know combination locks and single-user doors aren’t as realistic and dilute the “immersiveness”, if that’s even a word, but the current system isn’t working, and is starting to ruin my enjoyment of the game.

hint: hide your keys in bushes.

Nothing is ever absolute safe but the odds of someone finding a random key in a random bush and knowing which random hosue it goes too is kinda high. I say, if you hide three keys, your odds are pretty good that you can gain access to your base again.

true, under that situation but then again you wont be able to get back in though so your still at loss lol, need more than 1 bush, 4 keys 2 bushes lol :stuck_out_tongue:

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I would for sure want a key naming system an im ok with keys. it would be a game play where everyone would rush to next keylock tho if they hate them lol. for entry level base i guess it does provide a way to seal your base but different that legacy I like the feel of being able to steal a key though honestly XD.

I think I agree that key system is fine with the exception of the need to label them. I normally only run one door but my current build requires two doors and its gets needlessly tedius.

I don’t like that i need a key for EACH DOOR in my house. I should be able to have 3 or 4 keys and set my doors to those keys, alternating as I see fit.

Having 50 different keys for 50 different doors is incredibly tedious and just obtuse in terms of a gameplay perspective.

i would suggest having a second sleeping bag outside of your base but near enough that you can still work with it. or on the roof even. that way, if your inside bag is compromised or busted, you can still come back to the base from the outside.

i think the reality is that the keys show how imbalanced the health of the buildings is. its fine when you are hiding inside the level 6, but once you have to break down your own door, it takes far too long to do so. it could probably be resolved by being able to unlock a door without a key from the inside. that way if you die spawn inside, you can just pop the door and make a new key. but the health of walls etc needs to be reduced a bit too.

To be honest, if you need 50 locks, that is kind of obtuse as well.

I agree that doors should have an inside and outside with the inside side always unlocked. I also think that we should be able to combine keys into a master key and combine those master keys together. Labeling the keys would be great too.

To solve the key problem you can make an exit room and throw your key out from this room inside the base, then leave and throw the outiside door key back inside. Even if killed they only acess the first room which you should have a key spare inside.

I have come to have fun with the key system even though I thought it was the worst idea ever at first; though if they fix that we can throw items through the walls I think it’s the worst idea ever.

Actually, it’s not.
Fact is, 50 key’s could really only be 25 doors just duplicates.
25 doors could just mean it is a large infrastructure with possible multiple levels.
When you ARE dealing with that size of a base you are talking about a crap ton of resources.
Pending you are doing it solo or with another, the time to gather and put it all together is immense.
If you have ever made a base of that size you will know and it is a given to protect your resources the best you can.
Albeit, you will never prevent raiders from entering, you can at least slow them down. Doors.

I agree with mrknifey, a lot of the current key problems would be solved by just making the locks unlockable, (without a key), from the inside.

Will the key stay there forever? Is there decay? Is decay of items going to be added later? And decay of buildings?

How then do you define the inside?

by making the placement of the lock have an inside and outside. Then you can rotate it to make the side you want the “inside”

That would work.