What I Made During my One Week Ban

So i was banned for racism for a week, and i thought hey, why not work on gmod? So i practiced a couple of posses, and also downloaded gimp to try it out.

Here are what i came up with:

-All the blood effects, and lighting done by me.

Blood+ lighting done by me, and i know the smoke sucks, it was by first try :frowning:

Just messing around with lighting, not really my favorite

Really shit one, bad muzzle flash and lighting. Blood overdose

Last but not least, all effects, such as lighting and blood, as well as context done by me. Fire sucks though :frowning:

thanks, and C&C!!!

All comments are welcome.

Shit editing, Paint.net text… and the only good one in my opinion is the second one.

Why god, in a game where you can set fire to a pop can for effects.

Did you do THAT?

Well, I suppose there’s no need to critique your editing as you already recognize what you had done wrong. However, the posing could also use a lot of work. Especially the one of the metrocop shooting the civilian. Your camera angles are also rather bland.