What i need for gooniverse?

I want to try gooniverse but what i need?

(in cuse i died for no air and no ship)

Well Ltgun, most people will not help you because of your horrid spelling and sentance structure, however I will try If I understood your question right.

For the air and ship stuff you’ll need Spacebuild 3 and SBEP (Space Build Enhancment Project).

Spacebuild comes with all the atmosphere, ehh, stuff… Like breathing in space but you’ll need a ship for that.

Thats where SBEP comes in, that will give you all the stuff needed for building ships, elevators, docks and what not. SBEP REQUIRES gCOMBAT_08 and most of the stuff won’t work without it.
It also kinda needs Wiremod in order for some of the cooler features to work, like custom elevators.

To get this stuff you’ll need:

Links to where the files are stored, SnakeSVx’s website
A Link to Wiremods Download page and Tutorial to do so.
A link to Gcombat_08
And tutorial on how to use this stuff

I hope all this helps you. :smile:

If you play on a space build server, you’ll of course need the space build mod, as well as life support and resource distribution.

I personally prefer the older space build 2 and life support 2 over the new space build 3.
Space build 3 is fine, and more realistic, but because of the dynamic weights, it’s better for larger ships, and with sources map size limits, having a server with a bunch of large ships is a bit overkill.
Where space build 2 and life support 2 is more suited to smaller ships. and is also easier to use.

A suggestion would be to get Space build enhancement project. SBEP for short.
You’ll also need wiremod of course.

Hope this helps a little.

Lawl, semi Ninja’d. I didn’t finnish my first post fast enough.


ok i try get all this.

(And sorry for my lack of english)