what i need?

i can GET madcows weapons or Kermite weapons in a roleplaying? you know use the Weapons sections and not use the F4 to get weapons.

and next:
i can play a Roleplaying with only Buying Gmod and downloading the models,Sounds,Etc, from the other games? or i need to Buy Yer or Yes?

What i need to play a roleplaying.
if the Second Question is ‘‘yes you can download the games in to play’’ what games i need.

here is the Download for the models,sounds,Materials and Etc.

Allow me to peer through the haze of Spanish to English translation:

  1. You can use MadCow’s weapons if they are installed on the server you’re playing on.

  2. If you have missing models/materials, you should buy the game they’re from.

  3. Counter-Strike: Source and Team Fortress 2 are both widely used in GMod, and in addition are great games in their own right.

It also looks like you’ve posted a link to somewhere you can download the models/materials from a Source game without owning it. That’s warez, is illegal and can get you banned on this forum.