What I think about us ( It's all win-win)

So I have been reading around ALLOT lately in the forums about our beloved Alpha testers and mentality .

I apologize in advance if anyone is offended by what I write hence forth, but it’s how I see the problem feel free to correct me however you see fit. IF you are light hearted(ed?:eng101:) and have a very short fuse., stop reading and go back to the main forum .YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

Group 1: We who bought the game for our own money (Typically ages 18+) actually do our part and report bugs/glitches/dupes/whatever/etc. Because we payed good money(and are mostly more mature) for the game and like to see the game evolve properly to a full game release.

Group 2: Then there are the younger audience that had the game bought by a 3rd person/party that does not understand the meaning of money yet and is playing the game like any other full release game. Running around trying to cut corner in every possible way . Just to be ‘in the top’ and ‘be feared’ by weaker players, to get a taste of power if you will.

Group 3: People like gk99 who got the game for free when it was an open Alpha

Of course there are the rare cases where there are hybrids of Group 1,Group 2 and Group 3 melting together to form Group 4 and Group 5 with a mix of both original groups.

My point of all this ‘crap’ if you will, is that DO YOUR #%!&@#! PART AND REPORT EVERYTHING NOT-NORMAL AND LEAVE THE NOT-NORMAL ALONE!!!.

We all bought this game in Alpha for one main reason. To have a good time while helping the dev’s and mod’s creating a wonderful game where we can indirectly tailor make the game to fit US (=The group of players that play RUST) and how we imagine RUST should be. The dev’s are always reading the forums and listening to our ideas. We are ALWAYS indirectly planting little idea mushrooms in their head that sooner or later MIGHT go POP in Gary’s head while he is adding/editing new content .

(A very bad )Example: Gary is editing the character texture just doing minor tweaking and suddenly POP the idea mushroom that was planted earlier came to life and is now a full grown unicorn he remembers reading that lots of players would really appreciate smaller genitals . So he goes ahead and makes a small change.

Why would he do it? Because some of us are actually reporting and helping the team out with feedback. It’s all WIN+/-WIN. The more we help out, the more they will pay attention to us and give us what we really enjoy the most back.

What would happen if none of us reported anything or told the devs jack #!%# ? They wouldn’t bother with reading our threads, listening to us, reading our glitch reports and the game starts going in a completely different direction.

AGAIN . I am REALLY SORRY if ANYONE is offended by what I have written I did not mean for anyone to get offended I simply needed to write what was on my mind.

I love you all as much as I love my buddy Mr. Rock and Mrs. Hatchet in RUST //Twenty

Also this is a good thread about the same subject that was created before mine --> http://forum.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1309739 (Ty to Feint)


to be fair im 15 and my mother got me this game for me and i am more mature than a lot of older people on this game :confused:

For Feinter: Yeah I was goign to reply there…MY reply ended up being too long so I put it here. But peepl should read that thread.(That thread has now gone into a completely other direction)

For Mr Anal: Well as I mentioned I did not mean to offend anyone =) Also you are one of those hybrids mentioned!

You forgot Group 3: People like me who got the game for free when it was an open Alpha

Dam you!!!

I agree that people should be helping devs about the exploits and what not. However wouldn’t you also agree that by people going around exploiting bugs/glitches, it will help the devs fix the game? Just a thought.

Well they should of course be TRYING to dupe. Once that is accomplished send how to do it do a dev and start looking for a new way of duping/exploiting and so forth. I bet the dev’s have some way of doing duping themselves on a private server where they can find the code that is causing this in a simpler way .

More mature says “AnalDistrict” LMAO. The amount of irony I see on these forums is the best to date BY FAR.