Devs I like the idea of ​​removing the zombies, but this should have been done at the correct time …
For Replacing them with red animals, which have sites that have 30-40 was a completely absurd idea,
But if you had replaced the mutants by real that you are planning,
I’m sure that would not have so many people complaining.
Here is my opnion, and I would say that I respect the opnion of all others.
Not everything is only complaint, so my thanks for the magnificent game!
Please comment your opinions below.

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The problem here is that you’re asking us to give you our feedback if we would buy the game and, if it’s worth getting on a ALPHA game that is only 11% done. In it’s current state the game has great potential. The PVP of the game is extremely high. Even PVE servers still have PVP in it. I’ll explain below.

Online Vs Online.
- Currently the Most Fun of the game. There is Constant Fighting of weapons and weapons vs other players. But there is also the fact your competing for resources and location. Everyone is rushing around trying to get more resources than the next person. (thats part of the reason people get killed while running around naked). People are competing for all those resources and don’t want to take the chance a naked has a TON on them. Also being raided and raiding people’s bases while both people are online is a ton of fun. You either lose your stuff or gain other people’s stuff. It’s intense and fun when you come out on top. IF you lose, well it makes you want to quit the game for a night and you end up coming back the next day to start over.

Online vs Offline.
- This is the conflict people have right now in this game. When you log off your body stays IN the game. This allows those people who are online to raid your base, find your body, or just plain take their time and get all your stuff because the world (server) doesn’t turn off when you log out. Your in game character continues to stay in the game and stuff can be gotten off of it. Now when your the one online, you feel good your taking this guys crap and killing him and ruining his base… your feel great and sneaky. But, at the same time when your the guy that logs in afterwards it makes you feel like crap that your stuff is all gone. SO this is actually a huge conflict people have right now.

Online vs NPC’s
- This is the Main part of farming and advancing in this game. NPC’s drop blueprints. Which in turn you can research and be provided with a advancement of your character. You permanently can learn new things (until a server wipe) that you can use to craft no matter how many times you would die. You always know it and with enough resources, you can always make. This is why most people are BUTT hurt over losing zombies in this game. It took a LARGE part of the games mechanics of player advancement and turned it into a JOKE of red “animals” that drop these parts and Blueprints for players to “farm” and gather. People like having to work hard for this type of advancement and when you can put 100 wolves in a field, have 1 guy run around dragging them all behind him while his friends kill all the wolves and people loot them after for easy advancement… the game is broken. (which is it’s current state after the last patch).

SO i give you all this to answer your question and hope you can make a valuable and educated decision on if you want to buy this game. For now, it’s 11% done and is still entertaining to me… and i feel it IS worth the value of the current state to buy this. But keep in mind that ANY of these 3 areas are BOUND to CHANGE at any time and could alter the way people play this game. It’s ALPHA and people HATE change. People don’t like Things to change because they become used to “how things were” or “how things should be” and forget that they are NOT the ones making the game. they are just the ones playing it and (should be) providing valuable feedback to the people that make it.

Good luck Friend!

Read the patch notes: "Zombies have…been replaced with red bears and wolves. You hate them.
We know. They’re just plugging a gap for now. All will be revvvealed."

It was purely a marketing move to replace the zombies not a game improvement. They do not want the game classified as a zombie survival game…at all. This was clearly stated on the Rust Trello board in regards to removing zombies.

I’ve bought and have nearly 300 hours of play, but thanks for the comment!

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I understand! but at least they should fix this issue extremely populated areas.