what i think should be main concerns with next update.

Hi all.

I really like the concept of what rust has got going for it but I think there’s a few key things the devs need to implicate to get this onto the next stage.

I think first main concern is being able to baracade and craft in/on buildings with loot spawns.
This is massively annoyong .
I think there should be a radius as to the distance of where you can craft around loot spawns.

I think some direct com’s needs to be added fast as I no this is in closed alpha but the point of alpha is to text for bugs etc to make this game to the next stage.

I have been playing for two hours trying to just test bugs and craft minding my own business to just be shot on sight every single time.
I understand PvP is a big aspect of this game to survive but its out of control.

The community at the moment isn’t great in game as in many hours of gameplay this far I think I have come across 3 friendlys?
I don’t expect every to be but if I’m minding my own then just leave me be! Lol

The map is big time in need of a wipe also, and I think a compass or some navigation system needs to be put in.

I lost my building that tool me a long time to build as I couldn’t find it again lol (I know this is partly my fault) but def shouldn’t take hours of searching to try find one spot.

Hope this wasn’t to much of a bore post just wanted to put couple of mains things out there. I definitely think rust has massive potential I just don’t want it to be ruined before it even properly started.

Game concept and great game for the stage its in at the moment well done devs.

Cheers guys.

It’s an alpha, what did you expect?

Nothing more than it is already? I’m not having a rant just pointing out some things that would be good for the game.???