What i think, the games missing. REQUEST.

Night Vision
graphing hook, 1hold 1use
scopes, flamethrower
buggys, moto’s
Battery torches
Sunglasses for Desert
goggle’s for Snow
mixed locations on the Bio Domes
temples with Mazes.
at tp to arean plugin.
large Walls !!!
large Foundations !!
Old Spike Wall
Power Drill for ore !! one time use one time build
Chainsaw for wood !! one time use one time build
Community Board works with Cubbard
also high lighted blockedzones toggled on.
maybe larger blocked zones with resources used over time.
Hand glider
no stacking 1/2 blocks
npcs set up make shift camps u can kill and raid.
Pet Dogs
Triggers like switchs for Doors so we can make control rooms.
Chains So we Can hang, eg. Floors from Roofs.
Wall Lights
Trap Doors
Shovels, i want to dig a hole. (maybe find loot) grown over time fills back in.
reinforcement for ground.
oil u can place on Ground to burn 1 time burn.
Fire arrows
wood burns
Tunnel Building.

you basically said everything i wanted to say.

on the topic of goggles/sunglasses, not really needed. the Inuits would make visors for snow-glare out of some wood with slits cut in for eye-holes; if we really needed we could do something like that.

It would be kind of neat if sun-glare were really, really bad in the desert, thus sunglasses of some form were useful. Another unique, environmental challenge, at least.