What I want but will probably never get in Rust.

Not all of these are unreasonable ideas but some are a little out there.


drill or jackhammer - used to break apart rock like crazy but you will create a shit tone of noise and you need low grade fuel.

chainsaw - goes threw wood like crazy. makes a crazy amount of noise and need slow grade fuel.

Binoculars - for scouting


Pig Headdress - pigs drop skulls and you can craft a hallowed out pig mask.

bear headdress - bears drop skulls and you can craft a skinned headdress. http://i.imgur.com/kSAoBOr.jpg

Wooden mask - Tribal mask for the naked with spears and shit.

A fucking crown - leaders of groups can make there claim with a shitty scrap metal crown.

Human Skull Headdress - we need to something with these skulls http://i.imgur.com/r4ISPWj.jpg


bicycle - I’ve heard talk of cars but there should be a bike too.

horses - won’t happen but i can dream

a lot of those have already been asked for, especially the jackhammer and (please god) the chainsaw - i think everyone wants that one.

like the ideas on different head dresses - especially the human skull! hell why not!

crown is a bit silly, everyone will wear one

it’s pretty much given horses will become rideable and i’m sure bikes will make it in.

The thought of a huge group of low tier survivors riding into battle with their wooden spears against foot soldiers of the top tier sounds so god damn cool.

Personally, I’d quite like Rust to work on Linux.

And not lock up my PC when I exit the game in Windows.