What I Wish, And Perhaps Someone Can Help Me.

Hello there! I’m Mike Raza and well as the Title says, I have a really hard-working wish to complete. I’m going to a long story, well I don’t know how long but I’m going in detail and I’m going to honest, I never gave my personal information but don’t worry, I not give any EXTRA. Below, I name what I went through so perhaps if you guys care, I don’t expect you do but, It is all true.

I’m 13 years old, going to 14 in 7th May. And I think to myself I’m a hard-working person so I won’t give up simply by looking at it and trying it once or twice, No. I keep trying until I get what I worked for. I wish to become a computer programer and I’m not going bad at all. I got 97% in my computer studies and my ICT, I got 93%.

In full, I wish to start creating maps of Garry’s mod & Start scripting!
I’ve played ALOT of games. My room is flooded with Xbox 360 games and PS3 games. I’ve spent alot of money cause I thought games like Garry’s mod didn’t exist etc…

Well, than a family problem came in the way. I started using the computer since then. I used to play a game called SA:MP and I did 3 years playing it until I find my new best friend on.
He introduced me to Garry’s mod and I was depressed of getting the game. It was my dream at that time. When it was time, I asked my mum to buy it for me, but sadly due to my father, we couldn’t own one. I was very sad and I cut contact with this friend. After months, my mum met a friend and I asked him to buy it for me, And that was the best day of my life because Garry’s mod got me this feeling where it was… aahh I don’t know how to explain it! Well, in short words I got very happy. I bought the game! But… To find out I needed Source games.

Than… Than that is when I was crying alot and alot. I started working at age 12. So you don’t get mixed up, This happened last year on the 5/3/11, How do I know? I had an account but it got suspected. It was a dead sin why, and till this day, I’ll keep it to myself.

Well, I was 12 and I started working. 1 euro an hour, making about… 7 Euros. In a month, I made about 200 Euros and I was purely golden! I was really happy and well, I said to myself lets go buy’em!

Before I went to buy, I had to pay a fine of 163 Euros for what I have I done in the past. This is why my account got suspected and I needed to pay back.
I was left with about 39 Euros and well, I thought I didn’t have enough. I went to another friend and asked them if they could buy me 2 games from my money from E-bay, and I was glad they said yes! The games I got was the Orange box and the Counter-Strike:Source! I got them. And I got to the Garry’s mod menu… The first thing I did was take a screenshot of the menu and I was… Flying high with happiness. And, after a year playing it, I can’t get bored of it. I’m 13 now, and I still play it 5-6 hours a day. I got to school of course and arrive playing!

I would like to be a map editor and/or a scripter. Not to make money no, To make what I wish!

I request Help.

I need tools, tutorials and well, I don’t believe in youtube videos randomly. But if you guys direct me to some, I’ll spend hours on it. If you guys wanna edit me on steam - MichaelMifsud017
It should come like |FP|Mike Raza
If you guys could help me by sending me links to anything, If it is versus the rules, don’t please.

I won’t give up, so don’t think you’ll be wasting your time helping me.
Thank you very much for reading this (if you did :P)

Take care and god bless,

Mike Raza

After looking at FP for a while, I passed along with this, - http://facepunch.com/threads/1106828

Garry, I’m sorry but I haven’t seen this. My bad. If you could, please don’t ban my account but delete the post. If it isn’t removed/deleted I’ll keep it here.
If it is, I’m sorry and I’ll post the same theard there.

If you’re wishing to map, start visiting the mapping forum, also start by downloading the Source SDK along with the Source SDK Bases,

Check out the following channels for Source SDK Tutorials (the top is mine):



Thank you very very much for your help sphinxa279.
I will be downloading Source SDK now along with the Bases.

I also rated you friendly for helping me.

Take care and god bless,

Mike Raza