What I would like to see in future Rust updates.

Howdy everyone, I’ve pretty recently gotten Rust and have explored a lot, and done a lot in the game, and I think there are some things that should be added. I know the game is in Alpha, so I won’t correct or say how things are bad, but these are just some ideas that I think should be seen in future updates.


1- Swords! I’m getting tired of running around trying to kill someone with a hatchet and pickaxe, it’s stupid, and you get killed sooo easily. I think swords should be added into the game and have special melee combat perks that encourages melee fighting instead of running around mowing down people with m4s. A few swords that could be implemented are: Katana, Hunting Knife, machete, homemade knife, and other more modern weapons.

2- Gun tweaking- Being stranded on a desolate island, with only a rock to survive and very raw resources to build and contruct with, so I don’t think that the full auto weapons (M4 and MP5) should be that easily built. The Full auto weapons should have a new method of being crafted, I’m not completely sure what that method would be, but I just wanted to put this out there for sudjestions.

3-Wolf taming- Wolves should be able to be tamed and used to hunt and guard your home. It would also be cool to be able to work on your dog and teach him new hunting tricks and fighting technics to make him stronger.

4-Stone buildings- I’ve seen many posts about use stone to build a fort, instead of metal or wood, and I’m pretty sure that Garry and his team are already adding that, but I’m not sure.

5-Compound bows and Crossbows- Compound bows should be added as a stronger variant of the hunting bow that has mod slots for sights, a quiver that works as an ammo clip like for weapons so you don’t have to carry those arrows in your inventory. The crossbow should also be added also as a step up from the hunting bow that is more stable and easier to aim, but still uses arrows (or bolts if you wanna add new ammo for it).

6- Bipods or reduced gun sway while crouching- That about sums this one up

7-Motorcycle/cars- I know this is a huge leap out of a survival scenario, but if there really was an apocolypse in real life I’m pretty sure there would be some cars or other vehicles laying around that just need a tune up and some engine/battery work, and a lot of modern day people who own vehicles more than likely know a thing or two about tune-ups or fixing it, so it wouldn’t be like they were building a space shuttle or anything that advanced. Also, the cars shouldn’t be able to be crafted, and should have a few setbacks, like not being able to shoot while driving, and not very agile. Plus, they would have to be pretty loud.
Another thing is that there is a road, not only is it a good way to know where you are, it could also be use for the cars.

8-Horses- They would work a lot like cars, but you would have to tame them like wolves.

9-farms- After you have a nice setup it would be nice to be able to grow your food at home instead of having to hunt.

10-Seasons- I know, this would be a pretty huge update, but it would be sweet if the game had a season cycle, a lot like the day and night cycle, but a lot more gradual and slower. In Winter the cold would be constant even at day time and it would snow some times, in spring crops (if that was added also) would grow 2x as fast and there would be more rain, summer would be the same, but with less rainfall, then would come fall which will have more cold time around evening-morning and a little bit of snow.

-A Little rundown-



>Compound Bow


>Compound Crossbow

>Rocks (for beginners)

>M4 tweaking that makes the gun look more homemade instead of factory made-Juggale





>Seasons- to give more diversity to our survival

>Farms- so we can grow some veggies at our base

>Rivers that could have some bridges going over them throughout the map- bmx542_
>New islands and the use of boats to get to them, maybe to separate skill level of players- Elorza



>Tamable Wolves

[Weapon Mods]

>Bipods- reduced gun wobble while crouching

>Extended Mags- larger magazines that hold more Ammo

>Zoomable Scope- A conventional scope with magnification

>Bayonet- Knife on the end of a gun for close quarters


>Vehicles- Drivable vehicles

>Traps- A new way for the newbies to defend their base- j4cknife

-I’ll be updating this pretty frequently, please leave some ideas of what to add. Thanks and feel free to comment and give constructive criticism.

-Thanks for the comments, I’ve added them into the run down, keep them coming!

-Last updated- Sunday 5:52PM 1/26/14

Hello, I have an idea for another NPC, I’ve heard that the zombies will be removed and that they will become some kind of mutants. I think it would be cool if the mutants will look like naked new players who just entered the server and that someone from far away will think that it is a new player but that it is actually a strong mutant. this helps for the people who kill noobs without giving them a chance. The mutants will be strong so that even people with good stuff need to be carefull when they see a naked guy. The mutants need to be rare.

This is basically some call of duty and minecraft mixedup…

I was thinking it Was Fallout NV and Minecraft.

I think they have to add boats that can me used to naval attacks or to get to another island where the strongest people are, boats shouldn´t be easy to construct.

Personally I don’t want M4’s I want Homemade M4’s If you know what I’m saying (like the revolver or bolt action but M4).

Also a little bit of a map upgrade, expanding the size of the “Play area” and adding random Towns to areas. to give it a not so desolate feel all the time

Traps, low level ones to help defense for starting players, we can wait for bigger better traps for those that have abundant resources. Something simple like spikes inflicting damage if you walk up to them. Maybe a hatchet swinging into the doorway, need a 2nd story wall to obscure a hatchet above the door.

I would love to see some community building, start a colony, start some farming/shared resources and have this build up to generators/power plants, introduce electricity. I think there’s a lot that can be had with a little electricity. Might want to entertain a map change and have some water running through the island for hydroelectric generators.

We could then have some specialty crafting and a small interface for a trading feature. Not sure how effective introducing a trade system would be with the freedom to kill the person and take everything… But that’s up to us to play it as we wish.

A small tweak is adding a check name function so I can identify people and find the guy that killed me 3 times as a fresh spawn. This works both ways of course, identify friendlies and baddies.

I think some extended endgame could be had with some pve dungeons and mobs, maybe even a big mutant boss monster at the end. But without a leveling system I’m not sure if there is an incentive to pursue a pve boss. You would have to implement some long term crafting for endgame players.

rivers with bridges?