What I would like to see in Rust

Ability to go prone, quality scopes to be able to zoom in adequately, night vision goggles. proper camouflage gear, (military uniforms, ghillie suit and so forth) bullet drop, binoculars with range detection, a more emphasis on ranged combat / avoiding detection. Also I would not want to see the zombies removed, however they drop way too much stuff. Stuff should be really hard to come by / craft.

Also once you managed to craft a number of slots on a weapon, it would be logical that the next time you craft it, you should have a high probability of getting a number of slots close to what you’ve previously crafted if not higher. Also I want to be able to attach / remove mods on the fly (at least the silencer, the rest can require a workbench).

In it’s current state the game feels way too easy, not interesting enough, if not downright boring… people are bound to lose interest in a short time. Definitely NOT going to buy the game in its current state.


OK, screw the scopes, how about less sway on the bolt action rifle? I don’t see why anyone would want to use that over an M4 in the current state.

errm, the game is brilliant as it is now, military weapons won’t improve it though. M4 is already powerfull. We need more handcrafted weapons like revolver and bolt rifle, make M4s and the like, a very rare item, uncraftable, one or two drops in whole of server life. For military simulator there is battlefield and tonns of other games. Rust should stay unique.


Give us blowdarts and poison :slight_smile:

OK, keep the damn bolt action rifle but give me a quality scope on it / the ability to zoom in more.

Depends which way they decide to take the game, they need to decide at some point whether to focus on military hardware or more primitive crafting such as the revolver that the put out. Gunplay does need to be improved though as shooting seems to be completely uncontrollable, I’d prefer an almost counter-strike esque way of controlling recoil to increase the skill ceiling of the game.

too much military.

This is basically the exact opposite of what devs are planning

How about keep the bolt action and make a craftable telescope using the following recipe:

100 sand in furnace = 10 glass
10 glass + 10 leather = telescope

Didn’t realize this was a DayZ thread.

OK screw the scopes, how about less sway on the bolt action rifle?

Rust isn’t about making you safe or giving you easy solutions to challenges.

Rust is about giving you challenges and giving you the tools needed to confront those challenges. Not all of those tools are finished or even in the game at all.

Balance is something that is a to-do list item, not an actual thing currently in-game. The devs have said they intend to make sweeping changes to the modern weapons; they’re mostly placeholders for now.

I’m no longer arguing over the skins of the weapons, it’s the damn mechanics, I want to zoom in more or at least have less sway on the fking bolt action rifle. I wan to play Rust solo, and if possible snipe people.
The devs are going to screw this game given the fact that they label the game not to be a Dayz clone and therefore they don’t accept certain features that would make Rust more enjoyable. Seriously has any of you tried playing the game for more than 1 month? You’re prone to get BORED.

I refer you back to the post you just replied to. Starting with the first sentence.

Welcome to alpha testing. If you don’t like it, go play some other game that’s fun for a couple weeks or a month, and then check back in on how Rust’s doing. The game’s not even started, don’t be forecasting its doom and complaining that it isn’t already almost finished. You got in during the alpha phase. Shit’s not even fully built yet. You’re complaining about the colour of the car paint before the doors are even bolted on and the engine is half-assembled in a factory down the road.

I don’t really see the need for all these military items. Binocs would be good. A ghillie suite is pretty useless when players can turn off the grass. Time will tell as the game grows…

Yes, yes, in time we’ll learn to compensate even the random sway of the bolt action rifle. Just how stupid are you? There’s no reason to use the bolt action rifle over an M4.
Not everyone enjoys the company of idiots and such. I want to be able to play this game solo and snipe retards.

There will be if the M4 gets removed. And if it isn’t, it’ll be difficult to obtain. Now who’s stupid?

Hey i was just wondering

I know the point of the game is to just have fun but could we add some giant mutant creatures or something. just like a hunting challenge that a few players could cooperate to slay? Maybe with quite a heavy loot reward

Thanks :slight_smile:

Of course it’s all about you and what you want. :v:

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  1. I’m not sure that really fits in with the devs’ vision of Rust, but, I’m not the devs so who knows.

  2. If it were to get implemented, it wouldn’t be for a good while. Content comes after getting the game assembled.

  1. build on mountain
  2. more survival, not just pvp
  3. all map with animals and resources
  4. new buildings
  5. this game supose to be 4 long play, not in 2 days u have all and it just pvp.
    want game like minecrfat, but with nice graphics