What I'd like to see in RUST

I’d really love to see radioactive rain coming down from time to time in RUST so you’d defn have to wear a Hazmat suit if you want to leave your shelter.

Not a game changer but a nice addon.

Sandstorms in the desert or blizzards in the snowy mountains causing a certain amount of dmg would be cool too.

Like it? Other things you have in mind?

Weather full stop would be great, but there are probably other mechanics and features that would be good to see to make the game a little fuller before then.

Specifically more defensive options rather than just more weapons to destroy more bases.


I did a post on the weather system a few months ago, http://forum.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1436742

Nice work you did there Grym. And yes a few more defensive options would be nice too.

Not sure if its been said but I’d like to be able to drag sleepers. So those naked sleepers could wake up in a nice house as a starting setup(if you’re kind)or in a stone prison if you’re feeling like keeping some slaves. It could be a laugh and something to do when you come across them.

Haha, yes, rounding up all the sleepers and throwing them in a stone cell for when they wake up would be hilarious! This+

I wouldn’t mind rad rain if it were a rare occurrence and biome locked to keep it off the beach.I think it would need some obvious signs it was coming a day before.

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This. Would make logging in so much more potentially interesting. Plus if they do it right, they could reuse some of the code for dragging black powder kegs.

I just thought about how you’d be able to use a sleeper as an additional inventory if you drag him with you while you farm XD
If he logs in while you use him as inventory he could run of with all your stuff :stuck_out_tongue:

omg lollll yes yes yes!

Then when we get tamable horses, you hook several up behind and go a loot train. WIN

I totally agree. There should be a way to manipulate and move sleepers/bodies. You should move slowly while dragging. We should not be able to put them in the inventory, would make it too easy. (Even though we can have big boxes in our inventory for some reason.) Radioactive rain would be a cool feature, but should be rare, otherwise it would just be annoying.

Stalker: Clear Sky had a pretty cool feature. Every so often the Chernobyl power plant would give off a radioactive emission. You had a warning, and a few minutes to seek shelter before the emission. When it happened there was lightning flashing and thunder. If you were caught outside you’d die.

This would be a pretty cool feature in Rust. Maybe make it so it would only kill nakeds, any type of clothing other than a rad suit and you’d lose 80% of your health, and if you had a full rad suit you’d be safe. It could affect the whole map, or be tied to specific monument and radiate outwards from there.

While I don’t agree with these suggestions, it made me think of how much you could possibly get away with in the world editor. I was thinking when caves, sewers and tunnels are added, if we can turn the whole top world filled with radiation and turn the map into Metro 2033.