What I'd love to see Rust become!

Well I made this post to add to kyuubikid13’s “rant” but before I could post it the thread was locked. Hopefully it was locked for the nerd drama and not the original subject matter because I thought it was an awesome topic. Surely daydreaming about Rust changes is on topic here? Original thread here. Credit to Kyuubikid13. Anyway my post:

Love this thread idea (minus the encroaching tween nerd dramatics). Thanks OP! I was hoping that Rust would be a really strong survival-esque game that managed to channel human psychology through its gameplay. Can’t play yet so Ill just mention what I hope it is or becomes in its final state. Some key components:

  1. Plenty of world space. I’d want a strong sense of exploration and solitude at the outset. You need space to roam in order to achieve this without running across another player every 15 minutes. This keeps interactions with other players SIGNIFICANT. It also allows players to play the lone wolf indefinitely unless others were putting efforts into finding him or he became careless.

  2. Now that we have some solitude, increase environmental threats dramatically! Just like OP stated. This puts tension on the player to keep going it alone or have to risk finding others to trust and work with. As a player I want to feel that the environment is DANGEROUS and I have to decide which is more dangerous: solitude or my other players. Make me feel that every moment is a risk if I’m careless.

  3. Make that sense of risk RELEVANT by making Death a significant setback. No easy spawn backs at your stash. Lose everything you’re carrying upon death (this already happens, right?). Make the risk of losing everything terrifying! How?

  4. Use the big world to spread out and rarify resources. Make every scavenge meaningful. Collecting resources should be of primary importance because your survival depends upon it. And it shouldn’t be easy. I want to DREAD dying and potentially losing my roll of string, my rusty broken knife, and my blanket. Make running into another human potentially worth it because they might have something you could trade 1 of your 2 bottles for. And terrifying because they may just want to kill you for everything!

  5. Means for quickly killing someone from a distance should be mega-rare. Finding or managing to create a moderately dependable firearm should be a significant event for a player. Meeting someone that is openly carrying a weapon should be the most tense moment in your game. It should be terrifying. I want to see 99% of players with sticks, old blades, crude stone weapons. A firearm would demand utmost respect in my vision of Rust. Ammunition must be rare, rare, rare, and a challenge to craft. So even if I have a gun I need to think about whether its important enough to use this time.

A game like this would fascinate me and for some reason I had the impression Rust might be that game. It would make the human interaction in the game so much tense and impactful. Obviously working together would be very beneficial but who can you trust? And with rarified resources that decision would actually matter instead of “eh, worst case I spawn at my stash or even fresh start and quickly grab some resources”.

It appears that right now Rust is not at all like that. But since its still Alpha I’m still hoping. After all, I’d want firearms and crafting heavily play tested to make sure they are going to work correctly. Hoping that once we see the final build it’ll resemble more of what I’m looking for and less of a shooter with a crafting paint job. It could happen! “This is in very early public development. EVERYTHING will change. Beware.” Emphasis mine.

Yea my post got shut down cause some people were fighting over raiding each other and blah blah blah…

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I recently contacted some forum admins and asked if i may be able to repost my topic and im waiting on a reply.

But yea, i also really like what you stated in the third point of your post. I think death should be a little harsher in some way, i just cant think of a way for it to be harsher but fair.

Well point 4 would go some distance toward making Death meaningful. If it was a lot more difficulty to acquire even a few basic “niceties” you’d be more attached to them. It would be a setback to lose that stuff since it took you, say, 4 hours of game time to get it. What if it took you 20 hours of game time (without dying and losing your resources) to explore enough to find parts for a gun? Even though you’re more powerful, knowing that death loses All that hard work makes everyone more tense about a scuffle. Even the more powerful. If you have to work really hard to acquire something you’re going to be that much more careful about keeping it.

It would totally change gameplay. Some people wouldn’t like it but people like me would love it. Instead of a fast paced shooter at its core you’d have a more slow and tense game. A more cautious game.

  1. Also…wounds and infection. Yeah. I want to see wounds and infection.

Large World puts more demand on the server. I’d prefer to see less looting & more Human vs. Zombies. Make carry limit more realistic. If a looter couldn’t carry away 100s of items, they’d be less inclined to open everyone they pass like a box of cracker-jacks, looking for the prize inside.

Yeah, like I said I haven’t played so didn’t realize you had a very large inventories. If so, I 100% agree. Just keeping inventory size reasonable can change player behavior dramatically.

I agree with very little, but the inventory thing is a good idea.
However, I would think the shrinking the base inventory to half of what it is would be a good idea. Newspawns get a good amount of inv space, full out raiders get a good amount of inventory space, and then you add backpacks, that could triple, quadruple, even fucktouple your inventory space. At the cost of movement speed, of course.

Make it a total weight limit on your body. When I go chopping trees in the woods, I don’t wear full battle armor, or not for very long at least. Divide the tasks. Someone unarmed to gather the resource, someone armed to guard.

I agree in Every Thing you just Said…

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Yeah my bad, I erm, still agree with these ideas if that helps haha, the death harshness is something I think about a lot and I always thought losing memory of some blueprints would be logical but I think most people disagree, still wandering though

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I agree with 1 100%, 2 100%, 3 100% (maybe reduce the ease of beds having individual cool downs for a start, though that wouldn’t make a massive impact), 4 100% but for the 5th point I know that it too easy to have a lot of stuff but Rust has unique PvP and fighting of it’s own so I don’t want it to be completely gone, maybe if it is left to last it will put things into better perspective since if resources are harder to stock and you have to travel so far and through environmental hazards it won’t be such an issue for people to have a nice stock, maybe it’s my hoarding personality taking over but I like to have nice things but I’m not a stranger to DayZ of course you can lose it instantly, but at the same time I would support Rust if it became the hardcore survival game it could be if all 5 points were acted on, we shall see

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I think this paired with calkhis point of shrinking base inventory would be a good idea, the guard would also be slower in his full gear to make it still a danger for him to defend from the speed advantage a guy with less armor but a hunting bow to make him still a threat, would be nice to see a low lvl gear balance that could still threaten a fully geared dude, (for example, for DayZ players a basic bolt action rifle can often kill a fully kitted out guy with a well placed shot to the legs to cripple or a headshot to kill or whatever, I’m sure there are other games with similar examples)

One thing I really do hope Rust turns into, even tho it may be far fetched, is a 1 server mayhem. The map needs to be utilized a bit more than what it is at the moment and will probably need some tweaking and additions.

I am not digging this mass server thing, bring all players to one place, make them Rule different regions of the Island. See that would be interesting.

I disagree with you. Honestly, I feel like you aren’t looking at the game you want to play, or at least that’s not how I see Rust now or where it’s heading. To me, Rust is all about making a group/team, making a base and then there’s the PVP part that comes with it. Yes the environment could be a bit harsher and I think it will become like that in the future(game’s in the pre alpha so yea). Still, the main part of the game is to raid others bases to get their stuff, defend your base to keep your stuff and yes survive in this unforgiving world(that rust will become). I feel like you are focusing too much on the surviving part, and if that’s the game you wanted to play, I don’t think rust is the one for you, go check out 7 days to die or something. This game as no rules, and everything you are proposing is setting rules to wipe out the PVP. This isn’t going to turn in a freaking sword fight neither, with 1 gun on every 2000 person you meet which is once every 2-3 hours of play which means you’d never see a gun.

I might be wrong, but what you want and what rust is or is set to become is completely different, again I can be completely mistaken. Anyhow, I do not share the interest you have in what this game could become. Why am I posting this? Not to bash you or anything, but to let the devs know that I don’t want their game to become like the vision you see, now they’ll decide how the game ends.

Environment is pretty dangerous when you have random groups kosing everything with m4 and kevlar.

I agree that could be amazing, a one server beast/universe like they do on EVE. Not sure if it’s doable though but it would be epic to say the least!!! Imagine the interfaction warfare *drools

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Great post Dombaloo and shame the other thread got ruined, no one seems to have read my contribution lol.

@Kong^, yeah that’s cool. We just want different things. Thanks for being civil while adding counterpoints.

I agree that I want something different than what Rust is or may become. It’s all just daydreaming about what I THOUGHT Rust was going to be and what Id like for it to be. I’m an old geezer though, as judging by the style of some of the posters here I’m at least twice as old (and plenty to spare!) than a lot of the folks who are enjoying Rust as is. I just want something different than another hashing of PvP base raiding.

Don’t get me wrong, I actually would like to see that be an aspect of the game to some extent. I think in my scenario you’d see that occassionally erupt in game but in a more organic fashion. I think it would be neat to see the conditions I described above in place and how that drives people to risk working together. And even attempt raids together because of the needs of the survivor community.

I don’t know, just spitballing and daydreaming. I’m sure there’s gonna be a lot of happy players once Rust is finalized, regardless of what they do with it!

If it’s just going to be PvP, there’s well, almost every other FPS out there for that. I’m looking for Humans banding together against the Zombies.

Yes, this!! Maybe a raid would be something to consider under the right conditions. But in my vision, a raid would be using up precious resources on both sides. So unless you did it very carefully or utilized some well scouted window of opportunity, even if you win you may still be screwed. Both sides just used a ton if resources…and the zombies/Others/environment is STILL coming. And it’s going to be bad.

Zombies aren’t permanent. They are just placeholders for something else… Garry said this way early on. He doesn’t want another DayZ or Infestation/WarZ.

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Then go play PvE

No Zombies, very important note. I keep searching for PvE.

Yeah, likely no zombies. Kind of irrelevant what they actually are though. All that’s important to me is that its an active “NPC” based threat in the environment. I’d like to see that threat given primacy in the environment and become a significant factor in how players deal with it and each other.